IV Postcard Project & Photoshop Resources

Resources on Isla Vista

WordPress Resources

Photoshop Trials

Photoshop Alternatives

  • Affinity: download the free beta version of a very robust photo editing program that will eventually cost approx. $80
  • Pixlr: free online photo editing program
  • GIMP: free, open-source, desktop program
  • FotoFlexer: free online photo editing program
  • Picasa: a photo editor/organizer, powered by Google
  • Aviary: another free photo editor

Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop Brushes (and shapes and patterns, and other design goodies)

Free Fonts

Typography Resources

Inspiration for the Letter Shape exercise

Text Cloud Resources

Text collections

  • Project Gutenberg, Top 100 E-Books (click on the book and then on Plain Text UTF-8)
  • State of the Union Addresses: an excellent database compiled by UCSB professors John Wooley and Gerhard Peters, contains links to inaugural addresses, state of the union addresses, and a host of other presidential communications
  • Music Lyrics Database



Infographic Project

Personal Infographic Examples

General Information Visualization Examples

From the fabulous New York Times Interactive department

Information Visualization Tools

free tools to help you create infographics

apps and software to help you collect (and visualize) personal data

Personal & General Infovis collections

More info on infographics

data sets

Stock & Copyright-friendly images

on Design

on Color

  • color: “Color Theory 101″ by James George
  • Paletton: great tool to see color combinations for website design; check out the “color blind” option to see how different color combos look to people with various kinds of color blindness
  • Adobe Color CC: by Adobe, you can explore and create color themes/palettes and easily import them into Illustrator
  • 4 Tools to Pick Your Chart Colors

Text Analysis tools


Alternative Résumés Project

Timeline resume

Timeline JS: note that there are instructions, examples, and an FAQ page at this site

Prezi resume

Infographic resume



Online tools/services

 video resume

other tools

on resumes

on writing


Writing About Me Project

About Me pages–advice and examples


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