Writing 150 is a customized course for each student, with individualized learning opportunities coming from each student’s internship. The goal of the course for all students, however, is to give you a structured occasion to practice and reflect on professional writing in the context of an internship.

We will probably meet twice as a class during the spring quarter. I’ll also schedule individual meetings with each of you to discuss the progress of your internship. Listed below is a description of each of the assignments for the course.



1a. Letter of Engagement [for new internships]: due when you begin your internship (and no later than Monday, April 6)

Before starting your internship, you should meet with your internship supervisor and get a clear understanding of your work projects, deadlines, days/hours of work, and deliverables. After you’ve had this meeting, write a letter to your internship supervisor confirming the terms of your internship, and CC me on this letter.

The letter should articulate the internship obligations you have agreed to perform (start date, end date, approximate hours of work each week). Confirm what you understand are the goals, for both parties, of the internship. Identify the types of deliverables you believe should result from this internship. You can print and mail this letter or send it as an email or an attachment to an email.


1b. Internship Description Memo [for continuing internships]: due at the beginning of winter quarter (no later than Monday, January 12)
In a memo (addressed to me) provide the factual details of your internship, including the organization name, location, hours you’re working per week, and contact person/supervisor (with this person’s title or job responsibility, email address, and work phone number).

The memo should articulate what you understand to be your responsibilities as an intern, including work projects, deadlines, and deliverables. Confirm what you understand are the goals, for both parties, of the internship.


  1. Progress Report: due while you are in the midst of your internship (and no later than Monday, May 4)
    In memo format, update me on your progress in the internship. In what ways is it fulfilling your expectations? In what ways is it different from what you expected? What work have you completed, and what work is still to be done? What challenges have you faced, and how have you dealt with those challenges? What have you learned thus far, and what might you do differently for the remainder of your internship?


  1. Final Reflection: due when you finish your internship (and no later than Monday, June 1)
    Share your general observations and assessments of your internship, particularly regarding what you think will be most valuable to you as you move forward in your career. What were the most important skills, strategies, and/or knowledge that you gained? What were the most significant challenges you faced, and how did you overcome those challenges? Is there anything about your internship that you’d do differently next time?