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List 3-5 adjectives that describe your brand, and include a few sentences that discuss how these adjectives will set the tone for design and writing in your BSG. You can also list some adjectives that your brand is not.

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  1. I would describe my brand as: modern yet sophisticated, classic, professional, and functional. These brand adjectives will help to set the tone for my brand style guide through selecting a visual identity and voice that are clean and simple–without being either too minimal or too “fun.” I tend to gravitate towards designs that are more on the minimal side, whether through my existing personal brand or my design work, but I want to make sure that my brand style guide still conveys a sense of my personality.

  2. My personal brand style is: fresh, feminine, and fierce. My brand is simple and professional with minimalist typography and imagery, which is infused with a few muted feminine colors and simple illustrations. The fierce aspect is primarily conveyed through stark contrasts in typography hierarchy. My personal brand style aligns closely with the Barre & Soule BSG example on our class resources page.

  3. I prefer to describe my brand as calm, delicate, bright, and oriental. In general, I will focus on personal preference, private aesthetic standard, and personality by combining my Chinese culture background and minimalist design principle together. As a fan of minimalist style design, I firmly believe that using more complex and diverse elements will not create a good design. A good design always means “be less” and “be delicate.” In my work, I may apply plenty of white spaces and warm or light colors, which will present a visualized bright sense for audiences. I hope my audiences could feel very comfortable and calm in their heart when they see my works. Also, I want to add some traditional Chinese elements or symbols into my works in order to showcase my mother culture and its cultural implication. In order to create a strong contrast, I may use the red color to balance the calm white because red is a popular color in Chinese culture, symbolizing luck, joy, and happiness.

  4. My brand can be best described as witty, obscure, inviting, and energetic. Whether I think about my logo, layout, or writing style, I strive to make my brand pop out as something unique, yet welcoming the attention of others. My brand will focus on being its own category rather than something I copied from a common template or guide. I will use my writing as a chance to set the witty and energetic tone that will ultimately bleed into every other aspect of my brand. I would love for as many people as possible to be drawn into my brand, but to those who are not, there are no hard feelings. The most important element for my brand is to convey a sense of energy that will set the tone for my color scheme, page layout, imagery, and most importantly, my creative voice. In order to draw others toward my brand, I must continuously demonstrate confidence and consistency.

  5. The adjectives I would use to characterize my brand would be eclectic, organic, contemporary, and youthful. I imagine my brand to be communicating a wide variety of messaging, hence the eclectic part. I want to be able to showcase the different sides of me. The organic-ness comes out to play in the color schemes; my favorite tones are earthy ones. As a fan of contemporary graphic design schemes, I want to be able to implement this form in my own brand. And lastly, I want the imaging and tone to convey youth/liveliness.

  6. My brand could be described as sleek, efficient, focused and bold. I always design with function over form. I tend to use graphs and pictures instead of illustrations or infographics. My writing is short and direct. I always assume that the attention span of my reader is short so I use limited text and put the most important information first. My color palette is also a bit different from most people. I prefer to use high contrast colors for increased visibility. My goal is to design and write content that is professional yet interesting to consume. Finally, I’m constantly looking for ways to convey information in new ways and like to experiment with different mediums.

  7. My brand will be best described as whimsical, clean, bright, and classic. The style of writing in my BSG will be concise but friendly and warm, and I plan to choose vintage-inspired fonts that are nostalgic and fun to read. I will include hand-drawn illustrations throughout my BSG with a limited color palette of earthy tones. This is subject to change, but I would love to make my BSG reminiscent of an old-fashioned story book.

  8. I’d describe my brand as elegant, calming, contemporary, and tranquil. I’ve always appealed to colors and designs that were more neutral, warm, and earthy, which is why I’ve chosen such adjectives to describe my brand. I hope to convey a more contemporary style through my font choice as well as the overall design layout of my Brand Style Guide. I would also like to add simple hand-drawn illustrations throughout to elicit that calming and tranquil feeling.

  9. A few adjectives I’d used to describe my brand are bold, clever, clean, and modern. My brand isn’t too formal; it’s a happy medium between serious and silly. I intend to use these adjectives as the framework for the design and writing in my BSG by using rhetoric that is pithy and witty, but also focuses on functionality. The colors I use will be muted to give off a clean and airy energy, but will contrast darker with lighter tones for impact and intensity. I plan on including typography and imagery that is minimalistic yet striking, with a bit of a vintage feel since I love this look and feel like it illustrates my personality and interests especially well.

  10. I’d describe my brand as sunny, organic, groovy, energetic, and inviting. It sounds a little silly, but if you picture a disco ball lit up by the sun over a garden, that is kind of what I want to try to go for. I want to have a lot of color to be sunny and energetic, but also aim to have it be organic through colors like seafoam green, muted yellows, and rusty rose. I want my audience to feel invited in and energetic about it. I plan on using clean and simple fonts to stand out against the colorful page. I plan to lean into a tone that appreciates and celebrates, keeping a sunny and energetic mood.

  11. I believe that my personal brand is warm, clean, calm, and bright. I tend to gravitate towards warmer and brighter tones, which I believe will dictate the color palette and imagery for my Brand Style Guide. For typography, I plan to use a combination of fonts that are clean and minimal as well as fonts that are friendly and fun to provide balance. The style of writing will be concise and professional, but also friendly and inviting. I hope that my Brand Style Guide will elicit a feeling of warmth and tranquility while achieving the purpose of expressing my personality and my brand’s story.

  12. I would describe my brand as bubbly, genuine, kind-hearted, thoughtful and clean. I know that bubbly and clean don’t necessarily seem to go together but I am hoping to showcase the bubbliness in the color choices and typography while carrying a very clean, organized layout and design throughout the BSG. I will showcase my genuine, yet playful personality through my writing content where I will hopefully share a personal story about myself while putting a smile on my audience’s face. I am still working on something distinctive I can weave throughout my entire BSG but it will be something small and subtle. I want my distinctive feature to be a symbol or something meaningful that I can share with my audience and create that close relationship with the readers.

  13. I’d describe my brand as inspiring, natural, tranquil, and radiant. Although I’m still in the brainstorming stage, I hope to inspire the audience through my brand’s mission and vision. As a lover of nature, I plan to tailor my brand color palette around colors that appear in nature. Through my tone and with the imagery, I strive to evoke feelings of tranquility. I envision my distinctive feature as radiating throughout the style guide in subtle yet notable ways.

  14. I’d like my brand to come across as sophisticated yet playful, minimalistic yet impactful. I feel these terms best portray my introverted personality that can come across as subdued on the surface but the more you get to know me the deeper it gets. In terms of the design of my BSG, this would translate into a minimalist design probably with a good use of white space and maybe a very simple color scheme. The “playful and impactful” would hopefully come out through the writing style (I do love wordplay so planning to throw that in there throughout the BSG as well)

  15. My brand encompasses the adjectives effortless, free, genuine, and nostalgic.

    The effortless and free qualities parallel the fluidity and beauty of nature. I take great inspiration from the ocean, which inspires my design and writing style. My brand is genuine because all content has meaningful intention and stems from passion. Lastly, my style has a nostalgic tint to it, as I often romanticize ‘simpler times’ from the past generations and pay homage to culture through history. I also like the dreamy-nostalgic aesthetics of film photography. I want to use neutral muted colors to represent an interconnectedness with nature.

  16. My brand will be reserved, simple, and tranquil, yet striking. I’m not 100% sure the direction I want to take my brand yet although I love the look of sleek, minimalist brand designs. I am also constantly inspired by nature and want my brand to reflect that. Hopefully I will be able to strike a balance between these two elements in my brand style guide in a way that is cohesive and makes sense.

  17. I would describe my personal brand as vibrant, creative, bold, playful and honest. Although sometimes in person I may come off as shy, I feel like my mind is not. I’m a big dreamer and I’m ambitious, and I feel like my writing style captures the way I speak when I’m passionate about a subject. These adjectives will serve as the foundation for my design and writing in my brand style guide. For design, this could look like pops of vibrant colors against a white background (perhaps maybe paint strokes? still undecided). For writing, this could look like having a more conversationalist tone with my viewers. While I’m going for a more vibrant approach overall, I still want to keep in mind designing for accessibility. I want to make sure the colors I choose do not clash violently with another, yet still capture the same energy I’m trying to convey.

  18. I would describe my brand as clean, modern, and minimalistic. I like a simple, yet eye-catching aesthetic, but since I’m not entirely sure about how I want to approach my brand study guide, I’m very open to different brand aesthetics, as long as it feels right to me. I think it’ll take a lot of exploring with different colors, fonts, and styles for me to figure out what I like the most, which I think will be a really fun, creative process. Aesthetically, I love the look of high contrast (like black & white), but I also would like to play around with balancing subdued uses of pastel tones with more vibrant pops of color to draw interest. I also tend to gravitate towards cool tones (blues and greys), but I will definitely experiment with warm colors too, perhaps as a text color. For inspiration, I think I will look to magazines that fit my aesthetic, such as VOGUE and BAZAAR.

  19. I would describe my brand as chill, sophisticated, organic, and joyful. I want to incorporate elements that invoke joy, yet are clean and relatively simplistic. I enjoy neutral and soft tones, so I plan to stick to those types of colors in my brand style guide. I would like to utilize smooth fonts and stay away from blocky script or harsh colors, and overall I want to create a tranquil and sensible experience within my style guide.

  20. I would describe my brand as:

    Forward Thinking – Adaptable, modern, progressive, with-the-times. Never dated, always current.

    Witty – Cheeky, humorous, provocative, smart. Never dull, always sharp.

    Self-Assured – Confident, secure, composed. Never smug, always proud.

    When choosing these adjectives, I shifted my focus on how I see my brand’s voice more-so than my brand’s appearance. When my brand communicates with its audience, I want to evoke a sense of who I am at this state in my life. As I approach 22 and my final quarter of university, I feel sharp, capable, and more confident in my abilities than ever before. I want my brand to feel prideful but approachable, provocative but poised, and progressive but classic. I hope to reflect these qualities in the copy I end up using in my brand style guide, as well as the type face and color palette.

  21. I would describe my brand as modern, sophisticated, and lively. I try to carry myself in a way that embodies all three of these characteristics, and I make stylistic choices (whether that be through my personal fashion style or my graphic design) that align with them. I am highly drawn to clean lines and imagery, and I am a big believer in the power of white space/negative space to convey messaging effectively. I want to create cohesion throughout my BSG with a look that is both minimal and eye-catching.

  22. I imagine by brand being described by the words: cohesive, sleek, dramatic, stylish, and lively. I am in no way confident yet about what my brand will look like in the end, but I feel like these adjectives well represent a lot of the characteristics I envision my brand having. When creating visual & graphic design, I often find myself using big, bold, powerful fonts, colors, and images that are highly contrasted. I also love simplicity in design. Thinking about how much I love simple design, I realize I may find enjoyment in simpler designs because my writing style feels to be the opposite in some ways. I love writing with dramatic flourishes and creating and vivid images that have lively feel for the reader. Hopefully, I can find a way to combine my love for simple design with the quirky and dramatic writing style. I am excited to see where my brand goes next as I feel that a lot of my favorite brands, in terms of their brand’s style, image, voice, etc, all have a lot of these characteristics!

  23. I would describe my brand as nostalgic, sentimental, eclectic, candid, natural, and minimalistic. I feel like I have the ability to express several kinds of styles and emotions, but overall I would say that I try to integrate a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality (this applies to both my camera work and writing). In terms of the color palette, I envision my brand embodying pastel colors, possibly neutrals and pastel pink.

  24. I would describe my brand as warm, fun, and witty. Visually, I want my aesthetic to be fun, with a warm-toned color palette (I’m brainstorming a palette with a warm, bright yellow, pastel pinks and blues, white, and accents of gold and warm brown), while still looking professional. In terms of writing, I’d love to have a voice that’s warm, inviting, fun, and witty (while still being concise, accessible, and easy-to-understand).

    When people see my brand, I them to have fun and enjoy themselves (while also appreciating aesthetically-pleasing visuals). I want people to be delighted (and a little impressed).

  25. Vibrant, clean, concise, organized.

    As I browse through my art and writing samples, I would describe my designs as functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I personally enjoy using bold and bright colors to draw attention to the page — be it text, decorative elements, or visual highlights. My art style is still developing but the one thing that remains consistent is my unapologetic use of various colors. My writing style leans towards business communication, where information is conveyed in a straightforward fashion. When arranging layout and composition elements, I love the strategic use of white space.

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