brand adjectives

List 3-5 adjectives that describe your brand, and include a few sentences that discuss how these adjectives will set the tone for design and writing in your BSG. Optionally, you can also list some adjectives that your brand is not. (Just a note that you can certainly change your brand adjectives and style as you continue working on the BSG; this is just a non-binding sort of exercise to get you started.)


Think back to one particularly successful collaboration you’ve been involved in. What made it successful? What approaches, strategies, and/or tools did you use that played a role in the success of the project?

Alternatively, you can write about an unsuccessful collaboration and identify the approaches, strategies, and/or tools that created problems.

Respond in the comments section below, and feel free to comment on others’ responses.


Look around you and choose an object that’s been designed–for instance, an item of clothing you’re wearing, the thermos or coffee cup that you’re drinking from, your keychain, etc. Try not to choose anything too complicated. Then write a paragraph on what you think is well designed and/or poorly designed in this object. How does the design enhance or detract from the object’s functionality and appeal?