Monday 2/10: in-class work on creating a mood board: download melissa carter modified.psd.zip and this tutorial for creating and modifying a mood board


  • check out the other mood board templates available in our Box.com folder or via the Resources page
  • complete brand exercise #1 and bring a digital version to class on Wednesday 2/12 (or bring a print version if that works better for you)

Wednesday 2/12: group feedback on brand exercise #1 (here’s a nifty list of adjectives that can used to describe the style of a brand); continue work on the Brand Style Guide project


Monday 2/17 — holiday!

Wednesday 2/19: group feedback on brand exercise #2; create Photoshop mockups


  • look at Photoshop mockups at GraphicBurger, FreePik, PSD Mockups, Unblast, and/or do a Google search for “free Photoshop mockups”
  • complete brand exercise #3 and upload your image(s) to the class Box folder by Monday 2/24 (or bring a print version if that works better for you)
  • make revisions to the pages you created for brand exercise #2; your revisions should incorporate white space, repetition of design elements across pages, and at least one of the other 13 design principles

week 8

Monday 2/24: group feedback on brand exercise #3; tips and tricks for business card design; business cards in Canva; check out logos and business cards designed by previous students in the minor

  • put your business card design into a Photoshop mockup
  • create a draft of the Brand Style Guide and upload it to the class Box folder before class on Wednesday 2/26

Wednesday 2/26: group feedback on Brand Style Guide drafts; cover, introduction, and voice sections


  • complete the Brand Style Guide Project: upload the PDF to the class Box folder before class on Monday 3/2
  • bring a copy of a poorly designed document to class on Monday 3/2
    • you can take this opportunity to redesign your resume, even though it’s not “poorly designed”, in order to make it more unique and visually appealing


Monday 3/2: Brand Style Guide Project due; begin Document Redesign Project; InDesign tutorial


  • write a description of the target audience, purpose, and potential distribution platforms and media for the document you’re redesigning

Wednesday 3/4: design critique of Women’s Center flyer


  • create a draft of your document redesign and bring a digital version to class on Monday 3/9 (bring a print version as well, if you can)


Monday 3/9: group feedback on redesigns; document redesign memo; if time, Juxtapose


  • create a second draft of your document redesign and a first draft of your redesign memo, and bring a copy of each to class on Wednesday 3/11

Wednesday 3/11: getting ready for Writing 155b!


  • complete the Document Redesign Project: bring a printed copy of your redesign and the original document to my office on Friday 3/13, and email me the PDF of your redesign and a Word doc with your memo

Friday 3/13: Document Redesign Project due


Monday 1/6: course overview; begin the Design Principles Project


  • download and explore the Antonio template (from SlidesCarnival); note that you can use this template with either Google Slides or Powerpoint
  • continue researching your design principle

Wednesday 1/8: in-class work on slides; check out the Resources page and my presentation/workshop Design Awesome Slides


  • work with your partner to finish a draft of the five slides for your design principle, and upload the slides to our class Box folder before Sunday 1/12 at 5:00 pm
    • the filename should be the name of your design principle (e.g., contrast.pptx)
  • prepare your 2-minute presentation for class on Monday 1/13
  • read Chapter 1: Research and Concepts, from Graphic Design School, by David Dabner, Sandra Stewart, and Abbie Vickress


Monday 1/13: design principles slideshow; additional work on slides


  • experiment with Screencast-O-matic to create a quick screencast
    • click “Start Recording for Free” and then “Launch Free Recorder”
    • resize the frame; select Screen, Webcam, or Both; and click on “Rec” to start recording
    • click on the Pause button when you’re done, and then “Done” (or click on the Trash icon if you want to start again)
    • click on “Save as video file” and then “Publish” to save the MP4 file to your desktop

Wednesday 1/15: finish Design Principles Project (by Friday 1/17 at 5:00 pm); begin Logo Project; begin logo exercise #1 (on Projects page)



Monday 1/20 — holiday!

Wednesday 1/22: group feedback on logo exercise #1; Illustrator Tutorial #1 (Getting Started with Text)



Monday 1/27: group feedback on logo exercise #2; discuss logo readings; Illustrator Tutorial #2 (Shapes)


  • complete logo exercise #3 (on Projects page); here’s a sample

Wednesday 1/29: Illustrator #3: (Fun Stuff) with these line drawings; time in class to work on logos; exploratory writing for the Logo Design Memo

  • complete a draft of the Logo Project (logos plus memo) and bring three printed copies to class on Monday 2/3


Monday 2/3: group feedback on Logo Project drafts

links for the in-class writing exercise:


  • complete the Logo Project: bring a printed copy of the logo/lettermark to class; upload the logo PDF and the logo design memo (preferably as a Word doc) before class on Wednesday 2/5

Wednesday 2/5: Logo Project Due; Photoshop tutorials: Photoshop 1 (Interface & Layers), Photoshop 2 (Text), Photoshop 3 (Selecting & Combining)