Tuesday 1/18: BSG Genre Analysis presentations!

assignments (due Thursday 1/20):

Thursday 1/20: discuss brand adjectives; Canva moodboard exercise

assignments (due Tuesday 1/25):


Tuesday 1/25: discuss typography readings; links for the in-class writing exercise:

assignment (due Thursday 1/27):

Thursday 1/27: more discussion of typefaces; work on typography draft

assignment (due Tuesday 2/1):


Tuesday 2/1: begin logo design process; in class we’ll watch The Art and Origins of Logo Design

assignment (due 2/3):

Thursday 2/3: feedback on logo options; discuss logo readings; Illustrator Tutorial #1 (Getting Started with Text)

assignment (due 2/8):


Tuesday 2/8: feedback on logo options; Illustrator Tutorial #2 (Shapes)

assignment (due Thursday 2/10):

check out the color resources on the Resources page

Thursday 2/10: check out these BSG color pages; discuss color readings and resources; Photoshop tutorial #1

assignment (due Tuesday 2/15):


Tuesday 2/15: in-class work on Photoshop tutorial #2 and creating a mood board: download melissa carter and this tutorial for creating and modifying a mood board in Photoshop and Photopea

assignment (due Thursday 2/17):

Thursday 2/17: feedback on mood boards; Photoshop tutorial #3

assignment (due Tuesday 2/22):

  • respond to discussion #8 on imagery


Tuesday 2/22: feedback on imagery; creating mockups in Photoshop

assignments (due Thursday 2/24):

  • complete the mockup exercise and be prepared to share it in class on Thursday 2/24
  • finalize your color choices and create your color draft; be prepared to share this draft in class on Thursday 2/24
  • optional: create a page or pages for your imagery section, perhaps using a moodboard
  • look at BSG examples and templates to get ideas for page layout

Thursday 2/24:  feedback on color drafts and mockups; page layout and InDesign tutorial; (templates are also in our Google drive); video: InDesign tutorial done in class

assignment (due Tuesday 3/1):

  • respond to discussion #9 on page design
  • layout sample pages for the logo, typography, and/or color section(s) of your BSG and be prepared to share in class on Tuesday 3/1


Tuesday 3/1: feedback on page layouts; cover/table of contents design

assignment (due Thursday 3/3):

  • revise page layouts based on feedback
  • create drafts of covers and table of contents and be prepared to show them in class on Thursday 3/3

Thursday 3/3: feedback on layouts; focus on writing content and style

assignment (due Tuesday 3/8):

  • respond to discussion #10 on writing advice
  • create drafts of the introduction/welcome and mission/style sections and upload them to the shared Google folder by Tuesday 3/8


Tuesday 3/8: feedback on drafts

assignment (due Thursday 3/10):

Thursday 3/10: feedback on BSG drafts, with the BSG rubric in mind

assignment (due Friday 3/11 by 5:00 pm):

  • complete the Brand Style Guide project and upload the PDF to our shared Google folder on or before Friday 3/11 at 5:00 pm

Friday 3/11: Brand Style Guide project due


Tuesday 1/4: course overview; begin the BSG Genre Analysis project

assignments (due 1/6):

Thursday 1/6: in-class work on BSG Genre Analysis project

assignments (due 1/11):

  • respond to discussion #2 on collaboration strategies and tools
  • continue working with your team on the BSG Genre Analysis project
  • be prepared to report on how your team will present its findings (e.g., slides, PDF, video, website)
  • read Creating a Brand to Serve, David Anastacio


Tuesday 1/11: discuss reading; in-class work on BSG Genre Analysis project

assignments (due 1/13):

  • respond to discussion #3 on presentation strategies
  • look through some of the examples and explanations of branding in Identity Designed, by David Airey

Thursday 1/13: discuss presentation strategies; in-class work on BSG Genre Analysis project

assignment (due 1/18):

  • finish your BSG Genre Analysis project and be prepared to present your team’s findings on Tuesday 1/18