Please let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in visits from Multimedia Communication alumni in our Writing 155B class next quarter. No need to respond if you’re not interested; this will be a way for me to gauge interest and decide whether this is a good way to spend our class time. If you are interested, what would you like to learn from these alums? Are there particular career fields that you’re interested in hearing about? Would it be more helpful to hear from recent alums or from ones who are more established in their fields?

6 thoughts on “visitors?”

  1. I would be interested in hearing from alums just to see how the skills they developed from the writing minor translated to their career choice, and what advice they might have for us as we finish out our undergrad. It would be great to hear from people who have done this track before and can offer us useful advice that we may not even realize is important right now. Personally, I am interested in the fields of sports and entertainment, so if there are any alums in those fields who would be willing to come and speak, I would be super grateful to hear from them.

  2. I would be really interested in having alums who are more established in their fields. Part of what makes this minor so unique and impactful is the enormous variety of career options you can explore post-graduation. I think it is important to hear from as many different fields as possible to understand what their professional journey was like, as well as if they have any tips for us as soon to be graduates. I would also really appreciate if they could help direct us towards any possible job openings. This may also help us with networking and securing future positions in multimedia.

  3. I’d love for alum involved in brand management or content marketing to speak to our class. I’m really interested to learn about what their role looks like, if they have any suggestions for someone following this career path, and how the minor has helped them in their current position. I think hearing from a more recent alum rather than an established alum might be beneficial because they will probably have more relevant advice on their early career path and how to navigate life after post-grad in 2021.

  4. I would definitely be interested! I would be particularly interested to see alums who are in marketing and branding, as those are two fields I’m interested in. I would like to know what technical skills they have found to be most relevant in their careers and also what skills they learned from the Multimedia writing minor helped them the most. I think it would be more helpful to hear from more established alum, but I wouldn’t mind hearing from more recent alum as well.

  5. I’m very much interested in hearing about alums who’ve utilized the skills they’ve developed through the Multimedia Writing track in their current professions. I think it would be a great opportunity for my peers and I to learn about alums’ experience navigating the job market within the past year, as we are all graduating this June. Personally, I’m curious to hear from alums experienced with content marketing and digital marketing. However, any alum willing to set aside time in their busy schedules to speak to our class would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I would to have visitors, especially people that use these skills but do more than just writing in their careers.. I guess beyond design would be cool too, who example: social media managers or copywriters or people that started their business but use the skills from this class. I would also love to hear from people who gained a lot from their internships.

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