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I’m putting together a list of programs, platforms, and resources that would be helpful for students in the class to know about. These can be about web/multimedia design and development or about professional/career paths that involve multimedia composing and creating. In Writing 155B, I’ll ask you to choose from this list and do a brief (5-minute or so) presentation with a couple of other students. Please add your suggestions for this list in the comments section below. Some ideas I have in mind: Figma, Webflow, Knightlab interactive storytelling programs, LinkedIn Premium (is it worth the cost?).

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  1. In my opinion, Wix is the best website creation tool for non-developers. It runs in the browser and allows people to publish websites (without a custom domain) for free. Wix is the way to go if your main goal is to make an aesthetically pleasing website and publish it quickly.

    If you want to host websites yourself I would recommend looking into GitHub pages. It’s completely free and allows you to host an unlimited number of projects. As far as I can tell there’s no size limit. It’s a bit tricky to use (you have to use the git shell or some other program to sync work between your local machine and git’s server), but worth the time and effort. Unfortunately, custom domains are not included with GitHub pages.

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