week 1

Monday, March 30



  • view the video instructions above
  • visit the class Nectir page and click in the message box and follow the instructions to sign up for Nectir
  • add a video message to the class Nectir channel–something like 20 seconds telling us where you are and how you’re doing
  • visit me on Zoom during class time (5:00-6:15) following the invitation that I send you
  • if you run into problems with either Nectir or Zoom, send me an email and we’ll sort it out

Wednesday, April 1



  • view the video instructions above
  • work through the HTML Beginner tutorial at HTML Dog
  • complete Exercise #1: create and post a webpage (default.html) that has a title, paragraphs, headings, an ordered and unordered list, a link, and an image (including a table and a form is optional); upload the file to your webhost before class on Monday 4/6
    • you can make this a serious page (e.g., an about page with content about yourself that you might eventually use at your website), or you can create a fun page with content about hobbies or jokes or likes/dislikes, etc. (I once had a student who made a webpage about how much she hated mayonaisse. It was hilarious.)
    • note that when you upload this page to your webhost it will (and should) overwrite the current default.html page (the one with the VHS video with your name on it)

week 2

Monday, April 6



  • work through the CSS Beginner tutorial at HTML Dog
  • complete Exercise #2: create and post an external style sheet to format the default.html page that you created in the previous exercise (due in the morning on Wednesday 4/8)

Wednesday, April 8



  • work through the HTML Intermediate tutorial (just read spans/divs and meta tags) and the CSS Intermediate tutorial at HTML Dog
  • complete Exercise #3: create and post a webpage that uses meta tags, spans and divs, classes and ids, grouping and nesting, pseudo classes for links, shorthand for borders and margins, and a background image; post the new version of this page in the morning on Monday 4/13
    • if you create a new webpage for this exercise–in other words, not default.html–then please send me the link for the new file

week 3

Monday, April 13



  • download and unzip the Story template from HTML5Up
  • name the folder “story” (rather than “html5up-story”)
  • upload the “story” folder to the “public_html” folder in your web server
  • modify the Story template, following these instructions for modifying the Story template v1
  • upload the new versions of the files you modified; be sure to put them in the “story” folder to overwrite the old versions

Wednesday, April 15



week 4

Monday, April 20



  • check out more template modifications
    • we’ll cover moving your template to your main folder, images used as backgrounds, image paths, setting the favicon, and setting up Google Analytics

Wednesday, April 22

week 5

Monday, April 27

Wednesday, April 29

week 6

Monday, May 4 — Professional Website Due

Wednesday, May 6

  • video: 2. wordpress overview
  • overview of WordPress possibilities
  • send me an email with a proposal for your WordPress blog or website by Monday, 5/11 at noon
    • describe the topic of your blog or site and the content you plan to include
    • describe the target audience and purpose of your blog or site and how it contributes to your professional presence on the internet

week 7

Monday, May 11

Wednesday, May 13

week 8

Monday, May 18

  • continue work on your WordPress blog/site
  • in class, we’ll spend some time making a “graduation slide”–that is, a PowerPoint slide or Google Slide that commemorates your experience in the minor (and at UCSB, if you’d like). All of the minor tracks are doing this, and we’re going to post the slides on our website and share them on our social media as a way of virtually celebrating our class of 2020.
    • your slide can include a photo of you (or not), a quote, a collage of your work, video or audio (I think)
    • your slide should include your name–in whatever font you’d like
    • please save your slide as a PDF (to preserve fonts and formatting) during or after class
    • I’ll put everything together over the weekend and share it with you next week

Wednesday, May 20

  • complete your WordPress blog/site (due Wednesday 5/27)
  • see the “graduation slide” project above

week 9

Monday, May 25 — Memorial Day holiday

Wednesday, May 27 — WordPress blog or website due

  • begin Multimedia project: overview of project ideas
  • send me an email with a proposal for the Multimedia project by Monday 6/1 at noon

week 10

Monday, June 1

  • continue work on your Multimedia project

Wednesday, June 3

  • complete your Multimedia project (due Monday, June 8)

Monday, June 8: Multimedia Project due

Thursday, June 12:00 @ 3:00

Professional Writing Minor ceremony via Zoom webinar! I’ll send you the link via email.