Week 10

M 6/5

  • continue working on the Print Portfolio

W 6/7 Print Portfolio Due

Thursday, June 14, 3:00-4:30: Minor Graduation Event


Week 1

M 4/2

  • purchase webhosting and a domain name (we’ll do this in class to make sure everyone gets the right kind of hosting)
  • download a text editor–preferably Brackets (see the Resources page for other options)
  • work through the HTML Beginner tutorial at HTML Dog
  • complete Exercise #1: create and post a web page that has a title, paragraphs, headings, an ordered and unordered list, a link, and an image (including a table and a form is optional); send me the URL for this page before class on Wednesday 4/4
    • cleverest submission wins a fabulous prize!

W 4/4

  • work through the CSS Beginner tutorial at HTML Dog
  • complete Exercise #2: create and post an external style sheet to format the HTML page you created in the previous exercise or on a new HTML page; send me the URL for this page before class on Monday 4/9
    • amazingest submission wins a terrific prize!

Week 2

M 4/9

  • consider buying a Professional Writing Minor graduation sash
    • just $25
    • bring cash to class on Wednesday 4/11
  • work through the HTML Intermediate tutorial (just the sections on spans/divs and meta tags) and the CSS Intermediate tutorial at HTML Dog
  • complete Exercise #3: create and post a webpage that uses spans and divs, meta tags, classes and ids, grouping and nesting, pseudo classes for links, shorthand for borders and margins, and a background image; send me the URL for this page before class on Wednesday 4/11
    • most original submission wins a most original prize!


W 4/11

Week 3

M 4/16

  • download an FTP program (see Resources page for options)
  • create a “template” folder at your Reclaim hosting and use your FTP program to upload the “bodo” files to this folder
  • choose your own template (or continue working with bodo), setting up your own content, images, and links

W 4/18

  • here’s some instructions on using Google fonts
  • send me the URL of your modified template before class on Monday 4/23
  • write the proposal for your professional website and send it to me as an email attachment by Monday 4/23


Week 4

M 4/23

  • complete (as much as you can of) your template website (it’s not being turned in for a grade)

W 4/25

  • select a WordPress theme that would be appropriate for your professional website or for a blog associated with your website, and begin making modifications to this theme
  • send me the URL of your modified WordPress site before class on Monday 4/30

Week 5

M 4/30

  • continue making modifications to your WordPress site
  • create and post a draft of several pages/sections of your Professional Website; send me the URL before class on Wednesday 5/2

W 5/2

  • take a look at the Website Evaluation Criteria that I’ll be using as I evaluate your sites, and use these criteria as you review the site of your peer
  • continue working on your Professional Website
  • send me an email with your ideas for the Multimedia Project
  • send me the URL(s) for your deepart and textify images

Week 6

M 5/7

  • complete the Professional Website project; send me the URL before class on Wednesday 5/9

W 5/9 Professional Website Due

  • continue working on the Multimedia Project

Week 7

M 5/14

W 5/16 — in-class office hours

  • complete a draft of the Multimedia Project, and be prepared to show this draft in class on Monday 5/21; if the draft is available online, please send me a link

Week 8

M 5/21

  • complete the Multimedia Project

W 5/23  Multimedia Project Due–class cancelled

  • download and work through this InDesign tutorial 
  • write an outline and design the basic layout of your Print Portfolio

Week 9

M 5/28  no class — Memorial Day

  • continue working on your Print Portfolio

W 5/30

  • continue working on your Print Portfolio
  • have a print or digital draft of your cover page, table of contents, and one content page ready to show others

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