Writing 50E
Winter 2006








Course Description

This section of Writing 50E focuses on skills that are important for communicating effectively as an engineer: writing in a variety of technical genres, designing documents and websites, working in teams, and delivering oral presentations. There will be a series of short assignments in the course, and each of these will be included in a Web-based professional portfolio that you create. You will also be asked to prepare a résumé and letter that you can use to apply for an internship.

The syllabus, schedule, assignments, readings, and resources for the course can be found on the Web at http://sorapure.net/50e.

Required Text
Technical Communication, Custom Edition (available at the UCSB Bookstore)

Your final grade for the course will be based on the grades you receive on your writing assignments, both individual and collaborative. Each assignment is weighted (approximately) as follows:

  Internship Package—15%
Document Redesign Project—15%
Portfolio Critique—10%
Photo Essay Project—20%
Online Portfolio—20%
Class Participation & Shorter Assignments—15%

Important Information

  • On Thursdays we’ll meet for the second half of class (and sometimes the entire class) in the Miramar Lab (Phelps 1526).
  • Because much of the work of the course will be done during class time, your attendance and participation are very important. Your grade will be lowered if you miss more than two class sessions; if you are late to class, I'll count that as half an absence. Remember that even if you are absent you are responsible for any work that is done during class and for any assignments that are given or are due during class. Call a classmate, call me, send me an e-mail, or come by my office during my office hours to find out what you missed.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you plagiarize on any of the assignments you will fail the class and will be subject to disciplinary action by the University.
  • Please don't hesitate to see me in office hours (Mondays from 2:00 - 4:00) or to make an appointment if you have any questions about the course. My email address is sorapure@writing.ucsb.edu.



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