Writing 50E









Week 1

  T 1/10
  • buy Technical Communication
  • read section on resumes in CCS Handbook



R 1/12


  • find an internship, write a two-paragraph description/analysis of it, and bring three copies of this description/analysis to class on Tuesday 1/17
  • write a draft of your resume, and bring three copies to class on Tuesday 1/17


  Week 2  
  T 1/17
  • write a draft of your cover letter, and bring three copies on to class on Thursday 1/19


  R 1/19
  • finish Internship Application Package
  • read Technical Communication, Chapter 7: “Designing Pages and Documents”


  Week 3  
  T 1/24

Internship Application Package due

  • in a couple of paragraphs, assess the document you’ve been assigned to redesign, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of its design


  R 1/26
  • complete your redesign of the document, and bring a copy to class on Tuesday 1/31


  Week 4  
  T 1/31
  • write the document redesign memo and complete the Document Redesign Project
  • read Technical Communication, Chapter 13: “Designing Websites”


  R 2/2

Document Redesign Project due

  • find two portfolios on the Web—either good examples to mostly imitate or bad ones to mostly avoid imitating; email URLs and brief descriptions to me before 5:00 p.m. on Sunday 2/5


  Week 5  
  T 2/7
  • work on Portfolio Critique assignment
  R 2/9


  Week 6  
  T 2/14

Portfolio Critique assignment due

  • email the text for the library exercise to me before 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday 2/15


  R 2/16
  • gather information and take photos for the Photo Essay Project


  Week 7  
  T 2/21 
  • put together a complete draft of the Photo Essay and be prepared to show it in class on Thursday 2/23


  R 2/23
  • complete the Photo Essay Project
  • read Technical Communication, Chapter 10: “Instructions and Procedures” (pp. 533-559)


  Week 8  
  T 2/28

Photo Essay Project due

  • select your topic for the Instructions assignment, and write a draft of the text of the instructions
  • create the graphic(s) that you’ll use in your instructions


  R 3/2
  • write a complete draft of your Instructions, and bring three copies to class on Tuesday 3/7


  Week 9  
  T 3/7
  • complete the Instructions assignment


  R 3/9

Instructions assignment due

  • work on Online Portfolio


  Week 10  
  T 3/14
  • complete the Online Portfolio

R 3/16

Online Portfolio due