Writing 105M

Multimedia Writing

A course focused on new modes of writing and publishing enabled by computer technology. Projects involve analyzing, creating, reading about, and reflecting on writing in new media. Students create works suitable for the Web or other digital formats. It's fun, really.

Writing 105M Course Website

Writing 155A/B:

Seminar in Multimedia Communication

The two capstone courses in the Multimedia Communication track of the Professional Writing Minor. Students create online and print portfolios consisting of employment-oriented documents, client-based projects, and multimedia projects. Check it out, you'll be amazed.

Writing 155A (Winter 2013) and Writing 155B

Writing 150

Professional Writing Internship

The internship course for the Professional Writing Minor.

Writing 150

Writing 2E

Academic Writing for Engineering Majors

A course designed for freshmen Engineering students, introducing them to the basics of academic and technical writing. Students conduct two projects: collaboratively, they do interview-based and library research on the engineering profession; individually, they research and write a report that explains how a particular technology or technological object works, how it was developed, and what its social impact has been or might be.

Writing 2E Course Website (Fall 2007)

Writing 50E

Research Writing for Engineering Majors

This final course in the Engineering Writing sequence asks students to write in a variety of genres (resumes, letters, memos, reports, instructions, photo essays) and for both print and Web. The major project for the course is an online professional portfolio. which showcases students' work in this course and in the earlier course(s) in this sequence.

Writing 50E Course Website (Winter 2006)

Writing 109SS

Writing in the Social Sciences

This course introduces upper-division students who are majoring in the social sciences to the rhetorical and research practices of their fields. The last time I taught the course we focused on social technologies. Students conducted original and secondary research on technologies that impact our relationships with others (e.g., cell phones, Facebook, email), testing theories developed in their disciplinary majors by applying those theories in their research. Students proposed and presented their work in several writing projects as well as in oral presentations.

Writing 109SS Course Website (Fall 2006)

Writing 109ST

Scientific and Technical Writing

Writing 109ST focuses on analyzing and practicing various forms of scientific and technical writing, both academic and professional, such as memos, reports, proposals, journal articles, and abstracts. Through a series of assignments and readings, students develop skills in research methods, design of papers, use of graphics, technical style, and editing strategies.

Writing 109ST Course Website (Spring 2006)

Writing 250/251

Teaching Technical Communication

A graduate course offering a theoretical and pedagogical foundation for teaching introductory courses in technical communication and, in particular, UCSB's writing courses for freshmen engineering majors.

Writing 250/251 Syllabus (Spring 2003)