These four exercises will allow you to become familiar with strategies and tools used in multimodal production. The text, image, audio, and video that you create via these exercises can ultimately be incorporated into the multimedia story that you produce for the course.

Text as image

Experiment with font and layout to create text (a single word or short phrase) that conveys a message via its appearance.

Image as content

Use an image editing program to create an image that conveys a message. You can combine multiple images into one, but avoid a before/after or sequence of images. No text allowed.

Audio and image

Capture a brief amount of audio (20-30 seconds) and use Audacity to edit the audio file. Then use Powerpoint or another program to play the audio while one or more images is displayed.


Capture video and use a video editing program to edit the file(s) into a 20- to 30-second video.

Multimedia Story

Using Medium ( or Atavist (, compose a story that includes text, image, audio, and video elements. The story can be fiction or non-fiction and in the genre of your choice (e.g., profile of an individual, travel narrative, personal reflection/memoir).

Emerging Genre Project

Identify an emerging genre of digital storytelling. After analyzing examples of this genre and determining on its key characteristics, create your own story in this genre.