on design

on color

  • color: “Color Theory 101″ by James George
  • Paletton: great tool to see color combinations for website design; check out the “color blind” option to see how different color combos look to people with various kinds of color blindness
  • Adobe Color CC: by Adobe, you can explore and create color themes/palettes and easily import them into Illustrator

text analysis tools

web 2.0 formats

We Feel Fine, by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar (and The Web’s Secret Stories, Harris’s TED talk about We Feel Fine)

data stories





for the multimedia story project

multimedia storytelling examples

more NYTimes Stories



Photoshop Trials

Photoshop Alternatives

  • Affinity: a very robust Photoshop alternative for Mac users; free trial or your own copy for $49.99
  • Pixlr: free online photo editing program
  • GIMP: free, open-source, desktop program
  • Aviary: a free photo editor from Adobe

Photoshop tutorials


for the “text as image” exercise


free fonts

font resources


for the “image as content” exercise


student work


for the “audio and image” exercise


audio resources

audio inspiration


for the video exercise


for the Emerging Genres project


portfolio sites