exercise #1

In the “Leave a reply” section below, write a couple of sentences each about three ideas that you have for the topic of your website.  

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1. Art Footprint
–Even though I am not an art major, I was an art person back in highschool. I would like to upload the art pieces that I drew and explain the meaning beneath them.

2. Korean Style Cooking Log
–Since I am from Korea and would like to introduce Korean cuisine to those who are interested in it, this would be a great chance for me to make a cooking-log that focuses on Korean foods.

3. Journey to take Body-profile photo
–In Korea, it is a trend to take body profile photo after one making a good body shape, nice and neat. Maybe I can take a photo and status of each week until taking a body profile photo to keep me motivated and to see my journey afterward.

Hi! I really like all of your ideas but I particularly like the idea about a Korean Style Cooking Log. I think that this would be really fun and a great way to share your favorite Korean meals!

I think the Korean Cooking Log is a great idea. Maybe make it a little more personal too! You can include specific dishes that you and your family have made/created.

The Korean Cooking site sounds interesting, but I imagine that there are lots of websites out there already about Korean cooking. Think about how to make yours unique–maybe by focusing on beginners or students or people on a low budget? The first option also sounds interesting to me; it’s a nice way to get your art out into the world, too.

Idea #1: Mindfulness
– Towards the end of my senior year of high school, I joined a club called “Mindfulness.” It was all about finding ways to ease your mind and bring yourself to a peaceful state. I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember, and this is the first thing that’s been really helpful! I would love to share tips and techniques that I personally use on an everyday basis. It would include things like a blog about my personal experiences, a tips and tricks page, and a page briefly explaining what mindfulness is as well as the goal when taking part in the activities. This is the idea I am leaning towards because I think I’d be able to add small aspects of Idea #2 and #3 to my website.
Idea #2: Secrets of San Diego
– Growing up in San Diego, I’ve come up with a pretty long list of secret spots that only San Diegans know about. From more known places like Sunset Cliffs to more secret spots like a hill on Beyer Way where there’s a perfect view of the city. I love my city and would love to share that with people that might’ve never been!
Idea #3: Diamond Painting
– This pandemic has definitely forced me to embark on new hobbies, one of them being diamond painting. From the second I tried it, I was obsessed! It completely takes my mind off everything and allows me to focus all my attention on setting down the rhinestones. I had actually never heard about it until a couple of months ago and I would love to share my knowledge on it. I would include pictures of paintings I am working on as well as a “how-to” page. That page would include what a starter kit would look like as well as where I’ve found the best supplies!

I really love all of your ideas but I agree that the first one would be a cool way incorporate all of them into one website. My school did not have a club like “Mindfulness” but I think that is super useful and a great resources for students everywhere and I like that you can really make it your own! Including some of your favorite secret spots in San Diego for relaxing and picking up new hobbies seem like great techniques to include into the first idea!

Hi! I think that your third idea is particularly unique! I have never heard of diamond painting before and it sounds really interesting and I would love to learn more about it. I think that a how-to page would be really awesome and you could include what kind of things you have found work really well and what didn’t work so well etc.

I really like your first idea, and I think you can even narrow it down. Maybe you could discuss ways that young people or students can implement mindfulness into their lives, because I know from experience that mindful practices can seem a bit daunting. I think if you target an audience that will really be able to use the information you give, it could be really helpful. I also like your other ideas, particularly the third one, as it’s very narrow but could be super cool for people wanting to try out a new hobby.

I like your first idea, too–especially if you focus on mindfulness for students (high school or college). That’ll help make your site unique among other mindfulness sites. And having a narrow target audience will also help you choose topics to write about that are especially relevant–maybe related to test anxiety or social anxiety that students might be more likely to face.

1) Best camping spots in southern California
My family and I go camping very often so I would love to share about where the perfect spots are to visit and which months are best for each site. Although I really like this idea i feel like it is too broad of a topic and something that is common. Hopefully if I do choose this idea I can narrow it down to maybe what the essential are to bring to each camp ground, which locations allow pets and certain campers, and where the best hiking locations are. I could also give reviews on the different equipment I have used; which brands worked for me or did not and what are some camping must-haves.
2) Your ideal Dunkin drink
I work at Dunkin Donuts and I have tried a wide variety of the drinks and I love to help people choose a drink based off of their likes and dislikes. Every time a customer comes in with a drink I have yet to taste, I make it a point to try that exact drink, no matter how out of my comfort zone. I have tried countless different versions of the same drinks and I believe I could describe them perfectly and make accurate suggestions. I know I sometimes get flustered when trying new drinks or ordering at a new restaurant so I believe a website on some suggestions could be useful!
3) The perfect guide for bad plant parents
I love nature and I love having plants both inside my house and outside, but sadly, I am a terrible plant parent. Through the years, however, I have learned to do the bare minimum to have healthy plants and how to help them recover from neglect. For people that are super busy or are simply forgetful, I have the best plant suggestions and tricks to help care for them. Through my many plant death experiences, I can rate which plants are easiest to care for and why, which plants suit which lifestyles, and how to create a better routine for taking care of plants.

Hello, Cristina! Like you said, the first idea is quite broad, but if you narrow it down to which hiking locations are the best and most accessible in Southern California, then I think it’d be great!
Your second idea is really specific and unique! I’ve never heard of such an idea because I’ve never had Dunkin Donuts before, but that sounds super interesting and I’d love to read about this myself–the different drinks that are offered and how it caters to different people’s likes and dislikes.
Your third idea is very unique and specific as well, and it also happens to be my favourite out of your ideas. I would categorize your pets into the regions / climates in which people live and how they can take care of them (e.g. outdoor versus indoor plants, amount of care necessary etc.).

I love your third idea! It’s definitely something I struggle with too, so I think it would be really helpful for people like me. Your other ideas are also great, but as you said, I would try to narrow down your first one to make it more specific to you.

As someone who has failed to keep many of my plants alive (rip), the third idea is the most appealing to me. I really like the idea of having a guide for the bare minimum, because it has a relatively narrow audience, but one that I think will find this guide really useful. I also feel like you have a good grasp on the second one, and it would be interesting to see how you channel your expertise into a website.

I agree with the others that the third idea is appealing because there are many bad plant parents out there and also because it would offer opportunities to write in a humorous way about your previous successes and failures. My only concern is that there are probably quite a few other websites on this topic already; maybe make yours unique by choosing a target audience (college students?) and focusing on the particular challenges that audience would have with plants? The second option also sounds really fun to me; aren’t there similar sites for Starbucks (like, secret drinks that only the baristas know?)? Could be fun to create something like that for Dunkin.

1. Budgeting in college:
For this idea, I would do some research on the best ways to save money in college, including aspects such as meals, transportation, student subscriptions/discounts for students, handling checking accounts/saving accounts, etc. I would also discuss my experience, and try to implement these money-saving ideas into my daily life

2. Creating different cuisines:
This idea includes finding recipes from different places all around the world and trying to make them myself. I would include all of the ingredients, the steps (with images), and a final review at the end to describe the flavors, aroma, whether or not I think that I would make it again and if I would recommend it for others to make. This idea would probably also require going to various stores (e.g. an Asian market) so I would also include the specific locations that I purchased certain ingredients that are not easily found in regular grocery stores.

3. IV food review:
This idea would basically include trying food from various restaurants in IV. As I am still fairly new to the area I still have not tried a majority of the places that have been recommended to me so I would be able to provide a fairly unbiased opinion. I would include pictures of what I got, and leave my completely honest review of the food by rating the quality, appearance, smell, and overall taste! I would also include whether or not I would recommend each place that I go to and after trying all of these places, I would rank each restaurant.

I really like the second idea because it’s relatively easy to find a target audience for it. I think all of the ideas are great though, and you could work with all of them.

As an audience member, the idea that appeals most to me is the first one. I think it would be really helpful to have a financial guide, especially for students just adjusting to living alone and figuring out how to support themselves. i also like the idea of having one place for student discounts and subscriptions, as it seems like we have to check so many different places to find things like that. I think that sort of a guide would be perfect for college freshmen, but also any other students who struggle with those issues.

Hello, Hattie! Your first idea sounds really useful and interesting–as well as quite applicable for college students. However, budgeting in college is quite a broad topic and so I think you should narrow it down a bit.
Your second idea is also very broad because there are hundreds of different cuisines and you might not have much time to experiment since we only have this quarter.
Your third idea is my favourite because it is very specific, unique, and also applicable for UC Santa Barbara students specifically. I am also unfamiliar with the restaurants in the IV area so this sounds really interesting!

All good ideas, Hattie, but I agree with Athena below that the third option is the most focused and probably will be the easiest to do in the sense that there isn’t a lot of research involved (like with the first option–there are lots of sites already out there about budgeting as a college student) or a lot of preparation (like with the second option). You really just have to go out to eat in IV, take photos, and write your review. Maybe you can consult other IV sites and/or Yelp to see what’s already on the web about IV restaurants. I think you could have a really useful, fun, informative site with a clear target audience of IV residents/students.

Idea #1: One idea I think would be fun to do is a music-based website. I could compile playlists catered towards very specific situations or emotions, and continuously add new finds and talk about my choices for each playlist or song and why they resonate with those particular situations or emotions. This is a very basic outline, and I would obviously develop the concept further.
Idea #2: I know this one may be a bit general, but I think it might be fun to create a website that is essentially a brain dump. I find that my interests and my activities fluctuate pretty often, and it might be interesting to put my thoughts and emotions into one place. I guess it would be sort of blog-style, discussing my interests, favorite activities or products, and just having an organized visual outlet for the somewhat jumbled mess that is my brain.
Idea #3: I really want to find a way to teach myself a language, and I am determined to do so anyway, so it might be fun to make a website documenting my language learning process, and therefore developing effective learning strategies and tips and finding the most effective tools. I have personally struggled to find a comprehensive list of strategies and tools, so it might be interesting for others who want to learn a language outside of the traditional classroom setting.

(By the way, the odds that I come up with more ideas are very high, so I am not set on this list)

I really like your first idea! As someone who loves making playlists as well, I think it’s a cool concept that you could personalize to your tastes. I also think that you could easily find a specific audience who enjoy finding new music (like myself) for your website. Maybe you could also come up with ways to add other multimedia to the website to make it more visually appealing.

Hi Natalie! I have been trying to find a website that has music playlists for the longest time! I love music but sometimes I don’t have time or just don’t want to take the time to make a playlist or update one. This concept is a great idea and I know a lot of people that would be interested in this.

I think the first idea is a good one, especially if you find a way to combine the playlists with some writing. Like you suggest, identifying specific situations or emotions is an option; write a bit about the situation or emotion and then present the playlist. Also consider your target audience: college students? That might help you narrow down the situations and emotions. WordPress has some good audio plugins to help with creating playlists.

1. My own ‘becoming independent’ journal
I’m a freshman and I’m moving to the university apartments in Isla Vista this weekend, so I thought I could make a blog talking about my experience moving out of my parents’ house for the very first time and living on my own. I can include pictures of things I do and see every day, as well as discuss the ups and downs of my transition to independence. I could also mention things I wish I did and give advice to other people who might be moving out as well.

2. A Guide to Crocheting (From Someone Who Doesn’t Know How to Crochet)
I’ve been meaning to start learning how to crochet over quarantine, but I never got around to it. I’m thinking about making a website tracking my process in learning to crochet a cardigan for myself and hopefully teaching my audience what I learn as well. Since I am also a beginner myself, I can explain difficulties that might not be talked about a lot and try to explain the steps I take in a simplified way.

3. The Basics of Bullet Journaling
As someone who loves bullet journaling, I want to make a website trying out different, unique bullet journal spreads that people use in bullet journals and then discuss how they worked for me. I could do a rating system to see how often I actually used the spread throughout the week, because a big issue for my bullet journaling is that I tend to make a lot of weekly spreads that I don’t end up using at all. I want to try out different spreads and rank the top ones that I ended up using the most on my website to hopefully encourage others to start bullet journaling.

I’m drawn to the second option because I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet, and also the idea of following the evolution of a single project sounds pretty interesting. With the first option, you’d probably want to clarify who the audience is and what the purpose is (maybe other college freshmen who could learn from your experience?). With the third option, I feel like I’ve seen a bunch of websites about bullet journaling but I haven’t seen one that ranks and comments on different spreads–so I like that unique angle.

Hello, Aapthi! Your first idea sounds interesting, but it is not very specific, since new independence is such a broad topic. However, it is very interesting, so if you narrow it down to something specific (e.g. budgeting, cooking/eating, etc.).
Your second idea is really interesting and sounds very unique and specific. I also love to crochet and knit, so I’d love to follow along your crocheting progress. Also, if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to me! (By the way, if you’re a beginner, crocheting a cardigan will be quite difficult, but of course your project is up to you!)
Your third idea is also very interesting and sounds very unique. I would narrow it down just a little bit more, though, such as themes for different people who may be interested in bullet journaling (e.g. college students, athletes, artists, etc.).

Hi Aapthi, I’m most drawn to your third idea! As someone who never really got into bullet journaling, I think the concept of rating different spreads/explaining different features you can include would help reach people who want to try it but don’t know where to start. Maybe you could even include tips for using your journal daily/weekly since it sounds like that’s something you yourself want to work on!

I really like your third idea about bullet journaling! You will definitely have an audience for this as people are really interested in self-improvement methods. The rating system for each spread is also a really cool concept that will help people start their bullet journaling endeavors.

Idea #1: An English-learning website for intermediate learners. This would include videos about grammar, vocabulary, and most importantly, sample stories and listening practices.
Idea #2: A website about my knitting and crocheting projects. This would include blogs and photos about my personal project, as well as overall instructions for the patterns and how to start on your own.
Idea #3: A running and fitness website geared towards college students. This would include blogs about my own fitness journey and running schedules, and what college students can do now in their homes to stay fit.

I think the first option is really interesting but also huge. Maybe there’s a way to narrow it down so that you have videos or stories focused on a specific topic (food? music?) or skill (adjectives? intonation?) for intermediate language-learners? So many question marks! For the second option, I think just one knitting project would be cool–like, from start to finish, knit a mitten (or whatever), and you could have posts and videos and photos showing what supplies to buy, how to get started, how to fix mistakes, how to take the whole thing apart and start again, etc. 😉

I think the first idea would be a lot of work because there is just so much to include, but if you are super passionate about it, go for it!! I think the second two ideas are a bit more realistic for the assignment. I really like the knitting and crocheting website idea because I think it is personal and unique. Good luck!

Hi Athena, I think your second idea could be really cool if you focus on one personal project that you chronicle from start to finish! I think the added bonus of explaining basic patterns is also a nice touch — you could even include some videos of you explaining the different stitches.

Hi Athena! I really like your first idea and believe there is a lot of people that would love a website where they could learn English online. It seems like it would be time expensive but also very doable! I think your third idea is also really cool because not only will it inspire people, it’s something you can look back on and see your progress.

1. Workout plans
I love fitness and would like to say I know a lot about workout exercises and proper technique. I would make workout plans for a week for people of all levels and all types of equipment. For example: beginner/bodyweight only or intermediate/all gym equipment. These would include videos on how to do the workout as well as a written explanation that will explain important aspects of technique, muscle engagement, how to avoid injury, etc.
2. Thrill seeker
This idea would be for someone looking for cliff jumping spots, abandoned places, lookout spots, underground tunnels, and other places to explore. I would post pictures of the locations, directions, what to bring, where to park/enter, and a description of the spot. The locations would most likely be around Santa Barbara or other SoCal beaches.
3. Cheap food options
This website would be for a college student that wants ideas on meals that are cheap, easy to make, and healthy. When I moved out of my parent’s home, I did not know how to cook. I was forced to learn how to make some cheap meals. I ended up eating the same foods every day. This website would include pictures of meals, where to buy the ingredients, the cost, and how to make it. It would cater to students with little cooking experience and little cooking appliances.

It seems to me that option #2 is the most unique; I don’t know of any websites that focus on “extreme sports” or thrill-seeking activities in Santa Barbara. But it might be hard during the pandemic to go to the various sites and get photos or videos. If you go with one of the other two options, you should try to narrow the focus or target audience because I think there are probably already quite a few sites out there about workout plans and cheap food. Maybe you could do something UCSB-specific? Workout plans that integrate the local area? Or cheap food suggestions with references to local IV grocery stores and take-out restaurants?

Hi Scotty! I think these are all super cool ideas. My best advice is to do whatever you feel the most passionate about! I really like the third idea because I think a lot of people could benefit from that information.

I like all three ideas but I think the one that draws me in most is your Thrill Seeker concept. I know quite a few people who are interested in cliff jumping, hiking, etc. so there’s definitely an audience that could benefit from your site. I think it would be cool if you added a rating (maybe something like 1-5 stars) of the different locations that you’ve personally gone to.

I personally absolutely love the second idea as I am a thrill seeker at heart as well. This can also be a kind of a tour guide website for tourists! I feel that you should use this idea because you can implement a lot of fun images and make it an engaging website for all audiences.

I like your third option for sure. I went in to college not really knowing how to even cook a hot dog, I know its rediculous. So I would find this helpful and others would probably too. Maybe you could focus on a type of food though, like “lunch”, “healthy”, “quick”, something like that.

Idea #1: Volleyball Blog
I have been playing volleyball for nearly 10 years now, and just recently became a club volleyball coach. I am by no means a star athlete, but I am extremely passionate about the sport and have picked up plenty of helpful information along the way. I would present advice and helpful tricks/drills/etc. from the perspective of a former player turned new coach. Some content ideas include:
• How to stand out at tryouts/what coaches look for in a player
• Ways to build up your volleyball IQ
• How to make an impact as a shorter player
• The importance of mental toughness
• What to do when you’re having an off day
• Drills you can do at home during quarantine

Idea #2: My Travel Bucket List
I love to travel (especially in Europe) and while I’ve been very fortunate to have already checked a few places off my list there are still so many places I want to visit. For each location, I could explain why I want to go there, which local attractions I want to see/experience, the rumored best time of year to go, etc. I can also include posts of places I’ve already checked off my list with information about my trip and tips for people who want to do more traveling.

Idea #3: Serbian Dessert Recipes
Living in a Serbian household we eat a lot of Serbian foods, especially desserts! I would provide recipes with detailed instructions on how to make different cakes, cookies, and other sweets. I could include pictures/videos of the process and also explain a little bit about each dessert and the potential meanings/traditions associated with it.

I feel like you’re most drawn to the first option, just because you have the most detail there, but I’m most interested by the third option. So feel free to ignore my advice–but really, the topic of Serbian desserts sounds fascinating, especially if you explain the traditions for the different desserts. I can envision great photos, maybe a video or two where you show how to make the dessert, maybe some comments from family and friends. If you decide to go with the volleyball topic, I’d suggest that you hone in on a specific target audience–like players preparing for tryouts, or shorter players–because that will help make your site more useful than a general advice site.

Hi Mina! I love the first idea. It seems like it is something you are very passionate about, and it is definitely something people can benefit from. Good luck on your website! 🙂

I agree with everyone else. It seems that the first topic is the one you are most interested in. I am sure this will inspire you to create an engaging website. You seem to be very organized with your design as well.

Cooking for College Kids – I am an awful cook… as in absolutely terrible. As I am becoming more independent and transitioning to college life, I would like to increase my repertoire from cereal and sandwiches to a more professional array of meals. For this website, I would document my journey throughout the quarter, learning to cook various meals.

Funky Fresh Fashion – Throughout my life, I have always loved fashion. I have a passion for thrifting and piecing together unique vintage outfits. This website could be a guide to embracing your own funky style.

A Traveler’s Guide to the Southwest – During the summer before my senior year of high school, I embarked on a month-long camping trip through the southwest of the United States. I camped under the stars, visiting places such as Zion and the Grand Canyon. In this website, I would share the best places to visit and some tips for adventuring.

I’d like to visit all of these sites–they all sound really engaging and also unique. The first one has lots of opportunities for humor, as you document successes and, well, failures in your cooking adventures. I can envision videos, photos, getting friends to rate the various meals you produce–this one seems really fun. The second option also seems fun and has lots of photo possibilities. The third sounds like it would be more of a personal diary/storytelling site, which would be nice, too. Maybe think about what topic you’d like to spend the next 9-ish weeks working on?

I would personally be very interested in your first topic as a college student. I completely relate to that problem and I think you could make a fun website for college students!

I love all your ideas! Especially the last one about the southwest. I would love to see some tips and reviews and maybe some campsites you’ve stayed at and their pros and cons. Pictures would be really cool to see as well.

Hi Elaina! All of these ideas sound amazing!! Personally, I’d love to see the outfits you put together for the second choice; I think personal style is so important but can be really hard to truly discover for yourself, so I’d love to hear your advice! 🙂

Idea #1: Side Hustles for College students
As a college student in need of income as I complete my education, I think it would be valuable to people like me to be able to explore different ideas for side jobs that are available now. Especially with the COVID-19 situation, I feel like online side hustles can help many make that extra money needed during these dire times.
Idea #2: Psychedelics in Psychiatry
A website in which the study of psychedelics in psychiatry is broken down and explained in an easy way. That is, a collection of research that is rewritten in a simple, more vernacular language to the common person. I would like to make a website that makes a topic this complex and scientific entertaining and engaging.
Idea #3: Plants for college students
A website that lists the perfect plants to have in smaller apartments or dorms for college students that are easy and affordable to maintain. The website would include a beginners guide for the care of each of the plants listed.

I like the way each of these topics has a target audience and a fairly narrow focus–especially #1 and #3. For topic #1, my only concern would be that you’d want the site to be relevant once we’re on the other side of the pandemic, so perhaps you could have different categories of side hustles (online, in person). The three topics are all fairly different, so you might make your decision based on what’s most interesting to you at this point. What would you like most to write about? And also which topic would lend itself best to images/videos/interactivity?

Hi Nora! Personally, I’d click on any one of these websites, they all sound really interesting and helpful in their own ways. I appreciate your approach to the second website- I feel like there are so many questions surrounding psychedelics but it can be hard to comprehend the complex terminology that often comes with explaining them. Overall, I feel like you’d have a fun, solid website regardless of which one you choose! 🙂

Hi Nora,
I love all of your ideas, especially 1 and 3 since they would be relatable websites for me to click on. I also like how your target audiences are really specific. I think your third website idea would have the most options for other media, but overall, all your ideas are solid!

I love the first idea!! As I might be going to UCSB in the spring it would be great to know local jobs in my area. Maybe make this website location specific? Unless the jobs you are talking about are universal to different areas. Great idea though!

1) Mountain Biking in Central Oregon as a Beginner
When visiting my dad up in Oregon, I started to get into the mountain biking culture in the area. There are a lot of trails that were fun, challenging, and downright horrible for a beginner. I have looked online before to see if there were any sites describing the experiences of a beginner mountain biker in central Oregon, but non turned up. I think I could provide some good information and stories that I was searching for when I was just starting out last fall.

2) Potty Training a New Puppy
A couple of days ago I got an 8-week old puppy. Potty training so far has been very challenging, including wake up every 2 hours at night to let him outside. I could write about my experience training him in real him, all the ups and downs. Also, hopefully, I may be able to provide some advice to people trying to potty train a small dog and a small bladder.

3) How to stay motivated with home workouts
Being someone that has gone to the gym for years, it was difficult to transition to using less weight and less space. With this came a downfall in my motivation. I’ve had to develop ways to keep myself motivated and to keep up with a schedule when it seems like one has time-sensitive responsibilities. For example, waking up at the same time, having a nice cup of tea or coffee and a fruit beforehand, and finding a YouTuber to follow videos have all been beneficial to staying motivated.

I like your first option, especially since there isn’t already a website about this topic. You could take a look at other mountain biking sites and see what kind of information they offer, particularly to beginners. If you have any photos or videos of the trails, those would be good to add, too. Plus maps, of course. The second option invites lots of opportunities for cute photos and humorous writing, so that’s a good one to consider as well.

Hi Rosanna! I love all of your ideas; I’m especially interested in the last one! As someone who does at-home workouts, I completely agree with you; it can be extremely hard to stay motivated. I struggle with this, and I’m sure many other people do too, so I’d love to learn about any advice you’d have to give! Maybe you could find ways to narrow your audience down- since you’re a college student, you could target your audience to other students who are trying to stay fit at home. 🙂

Hi Rosanna,
I’ve been getting more into working out this year, so I really like your last website idea! You could definitely recommend your favorite Youtube fitness channels or different ways to workout depending on what people’s goals are. Your first idea is also really unique, and you seem like you have a lot of personal experience to pull from.

1) My Favorite Tofu Recipes
As a vegan, tofu is a staple in my diet as it’s a major source of protein. I’ve found that a lot of people are hesitant to become vegetarian or vegan because they can’t imagine having to give up meat for a bland, jiggly block of soy. But really there are many different ways to prepare tofu, and I’d love to share some of my favorite plant-based recipes to prove it! I would cook the recipes myself, post pictures of the food, and leave a description and review of each meal.

2) Self-Defense Techniques
After years of martial arts training, I’ve learned a multitude of self-defense techniques that I believe would be valuable for anyone to know. I would post videos of myself demonstrating how to escape certain holds, throw different types of strikes, and key things to keep in mind when fighting or defending yourself from someone.

3) Singing Videos
I’d post videos of me singing covers of my favorite songs as well as my originals! With each video, I’d list the title and artist of the song and include a short description of what the song means to me/my interpretation of it.

I like all of these ideas, Sabrina, but the first one seems the most specific and unique–especially if it includes text/images/videos of you actually cooking the recipes. Maybe check out some other tofu websites to see how you would distinguish your site from the others. And check out some recipe websites to get ideas about how you’ll present the recipes, what information you’ll include, etc. If you go with the third option, that could be a nice way for you to get your voice (literally!) on the web. 🙂

Hi Sabrina,
I’ve been trying to eat more plant-based recently, and I would really enjoy your first website idea. I think it’s good that your target audience is both specific and diverse in certain aspects, catering to vegans as well as anyone wishing to eat more plant-based or incorporate more tofu/protein into their diet. You could also organize your website in different ways to prepare tofu (baked, stir-fried, etc.) or different categories of recipes. I also agree with Professor Sorapure that you could include more diverse interactive media with this website idea.

Personally, I’d be really interested it self-defense techniques, since I don’t know much about self-defense and would love to watch videos/images to teach myself!

Sabrina, I would 100% watch those self-defense techniques that you know! As a 5’2 woman in her first year of college who will be going to parties etc… that would be great for people like me to know!

1) Engaging in a self-healing journey as a college student during a pandemic: I would write about methods I’ve been trying to get into myself and also document my own personal journey
– journaling
– different prompts
– meditating
– different ways to meditate
– counting breaths
– my favorite meditation app
– body scans
– gratitude meditation
– exercising
– dancing
– different ways to workout (dancing, cardio, hiit, weight training)
– favorite youtube fitness channels + their characteristics, intensity levels
– eating healthy
– favorite healthy recipes and snacks
– etc
– hitting all 4 happiness chemicals
– becoming a plant mom
– my own personal journey:
– recording when i do any of the above and documenting my feelings at the end of the week
– writing about my own experience with mental health issues

2) Dance improvement journey

– I am a dancer and one of my goals this year is to work on my improvisation and choreography skills with short projects that I can assign myself
– With the website, I can offer different improvisation guides and ideas for choreography, and write down my own processes of executing them
– I could also post videos of my completed projects and document my own thoughts and feelings periodically.

3) Healthier versions of my favorite baked goods
– healthy substitutes for common ingredients in baking
– trying different recipes and reviewing my favorites
– could focus on making things fewer calories or having more nutritional ingredients (like protein, fiber, healthy fats)

Hi Tiersha,
Just based on the length of these three options, it seems like you’re leaning towards option #1–you’ve got lots of good ideas for entries, and I think this would be a good topic for you as well as for an audience of other students trying to cope during the pandemic. One thing to consider is that the pandemic will be over one day (soon, I hope!) so it would be good to make your entries relevant for future non-pandemic scenarios. Fortunately, practices of self-care and self-healing are always going to be important, especially for students.

I really like your first idea, especially since it seems like that’s what you’re most passionate about, but also I think having a mental wellness blog specifically geared towards college students will help a lot of people. The third option also sounds interesting!

I’m liking all these options, but the third one is standing out to me. Even a website dedicated to the making of healthy snacks (quick and easy) would be immensely helpful and could potentially reach a pretty wide audience. I feel like sticking to solely healthy baked good might prove to attract a rather small, niche, audience.

Idea #1 – A New Look at How to Treat Mental Health
This is something that is a bit controversial, although I have done a fair amount of research on it, and I am very passionate about this practice! I want to make a website about the different entheogens that can be used to treat mental disorders in the DMS-5 instead of pharmacutical drugs and how they can heal the mind.
Idea #2 – Sewing a Shirt Online
One quarantine activity I have gotten into is sewing. I thought of a cool website where you can look at a picture of a shirt, skirt, pair of jeans etc… and where ever you click on the item of clothing you press on, a video will come up on how to sew that particular spot of clothing.
Idea #3 – Laundry Day
Another idea I thought of was a website full of videos on how to clean different fabrics of particular clothing items depending on the stain. This includes cashmere, chiffon, cotton, leather, linen, polyester, silk, suede, velvet, etc…. The stains can go from food or to paint or even cat pee.

Emma, I’ve had to battle all of those laundry stains that you mention in topic #3 (including cat pee, I have three cats) so I would definitely read your website on this topic. I’d watch videos, but some text explanations for general approaches to fabrics and stains would be good, too. I also like your other options. For the second one, you could do a nice slideshow of how one kind of clothing gets transformed into another. Of course, you’d need time to sew this quarter to make it happen.

I love your second idea! Personally, I would find this helpful since I just started sewing myself! Maybe you could take pictures or videos of you sewing a project. Or, you could even right reviews of projects you have done.

I really like your second idea! I’ve tried learning how to sew before, but it didn’t work out because I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was creating, so I think your idea will help with that. I also think it would be cool to have a more image/video-based website instead of article-based. Also I love the laundry idea because many people, especially college students, have no idea how to get stains out of clothing

I’m really liking this third idea. If you marketed it / laid out the site in a format meant for college kids, I think you’d have an absolute gem on your hands. There’s definitely a market for this kind of thing, as kids just starting college tend to be a little clueless when it comes to living on their own.

I really like ideas 2 and 3. They all have a lot of opportunity for expansion as well, like for idea 2, you could even include other articles of clothing, or different styles! It seems like you have a lot of expertise in the fabric and sewing topics, and that’s a topic that many other people would find useful.

Writing in general about my experiences and advice as a college student at UCSB. For example, writing about the best hiking trails to visit, my experiences while trying to learn how to surf, academic advice, etc.
Science blog on decoding complicated aspects of science news to help non-scientists understand as well. For example, discussing how an mRNA vaccine works or explaining certain signaling pathways or molecules. Or it could also be something about my experiences doing lab research and what I’ve learned.
Cooking blog. I really enjoy experimenting with cooking and trying out new recipes, so I could talk about my favorite or least favorite recipes, as well as my favorite spices and tricks to use when cooking

These are great starting points, Ashley. But for all of them, I think you need to narrow the focus and decide on your target audience. For instance, you could have a cooking blog focused entirely on spices–or even just one spice. Or you could focus on “bad recipes”–that would actually be kind of fascinating! Like, what are some warning signs that a recipe is going to be bad? There are SO many cooking websites and recipes on the Internet, so you would need to carve a little niche for yourself. Same with the other topic ideas. Let me know if you’d like to talk further.

I really like your first idea. The target audience actually seems to be pretty solidified as ‘bored UCSB students’ and might actually be a really nice resource when looking for something to do. It’d be really cool if you could incorporate maps somehow to show the site visitor their proximity to the different POIs.

I like all these ideas. I would only say that the first one seems a little vague, and I’m not sure if it would be any different from a personal journal? The other two are a little more specific and could have some interesting material!

I love your first idea! I’ve actually never spent more than a few hours in IV, and would benefit from a website like this. Maybe angle it differently so it’s more structured? You could focus on outdoor activities, indoor activities, things to do with friends, things to do by yourself. I think focusing on one area would make your website even stronger.

1. An Incomplete Hierarchy of Horribly Delicious Beverages
a. ranking and review website that details my obsession with drinks (everything from cold brew and energy drinks to German sodas and tall glass bottles with unpronounceable labels). Could further detail where to get the hard-to-find beverages, and if the journey to their acquisition is worth it.

2. Coding De-Coded
b. An introduction to Python or HTML in the most simple descriptions available. No length textbook chapters of confusing web forums, just easy to read sentences that describe what the program can do and how to use it at its most basic level.

3. Sandwiches
c. A documentation of sandwich experimentation; trying new ingredient combinations and flavors. Or how to build the perfect sandwich (i.e. where to source ingredients, beginner mistakes, types of bread, etc).

The title alone makes me want to visit the website for option #1; the topic also offers many opportunities for delightful writing and interesting photos. In general, I think humorous review sites are very entertaining. And it seems like recently there’s been an explosion of flavored drinks that begs for attention and categorization. The other two topics sound fine, too.

I really like the first and third ideas, they seem super unique and not done before! The second one seems a bit overdone but can definitely be viable if you do it in a new way. It seems like you have a lot of experience to have plenty of material for idea 1.

Your first idea is definitely my favorite! It has room for humor, interactive elements, as well as it being very personalized. It sounds like you definitely have a cool perspective on it and I would love to visit a website like that.

I need a website for that first idea because I am so intrigued. Incorporating where to find unique drinks while also determining if they are even worth the hassle of acquiring them is so entertaining. I think if you do pick the first one you should also add a back story on how your “obsession” first started because it’s all super interesting and unique.

Idea 1: Short story/webcomic
I have an idea for a fiction story I’ve wanted to write for a long time, and making it into an interactive website would be the perfect way to tell it! It’s a story set in the future about computers and artificial intelligence, and it all takes place online, so having a website for it would be a cool way to integrate it into the story.
Idea 2: About my art
I do a lot of drawing and painting, and I could make a website going into depth on all the different materials I use. I paint traditionally as well as digitally, so I could also explain my favorite features about different software and stuff. Plus I could also make a gallery to show my work.
Idea 3: Favorite destinations in the US
I have travelled around the country a lot and know tons about basically every state, so I think it would be cool to do a profile for each one that I’ve been to, where I can describe my favorite and least favorite parts about them.

I like these ideas a lot. For the short story, there are all kinds of opportunities to add interactive elements as well as multimedia–images, videos, sound, etc.–to help you tell the story. For the second and third ideas, it would probably be helpful to define your target audience so that you can narrow down the topic and better define the purpose of the website. I guess another important factor in deciding among these good options is which one you’d rather spend time on this quarter since they’re all fairly different.

I love these ideas! My personal favorite would definitely be your third idea. I love traveling and would love to visit that page. I think you could definitely add interactive features as well as designs. Maybe having each state/place be like a postcard?

I really like the idea of a short story/webcomic, especially if it is something that you have wanted to do for a long time! It sounds really interesting to implement this idea into an interactive website!

Your ideas are all so creative! I personally really love the third one because I have always wanted to travel so a short and simple guide about all the places you’ve been to is super helpful. I think you can narrow it down to what you did specifically and which places were an overall hit or miss. You could pick a targeted audience and cater to what they would like to see and visit! I also really like the second one because I love painting and could always use helpful tips but I think videos of you actually creating your art could be really entertaining like a mini tutorial.

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