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Find at least three websites that have the same or similar topic to yours in terms of content and target audience (the more similar the better). In the “Leave a reply” section below, provide the links to those sites and describe briefly how your site will differ from each one.

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Three websites that have a same/similar topic to mine in terms of content and target audience include:
Even though it is a Chinese food recipe instead of Korean cuisine, I think this website shows a precise and well-organized format. It also contains subscription and advertisement options that may profit the website owner.
The targeting audiences are those who are new to the culture while they are interested in getting to know it. In terms of that, this website has the same target audience as my goal. It also includes videos that lead the viewers to get a better understanding of how to make a dish.
This website is convenient and easy to follow between the recipes. The baby pink tone harmonizes with the theme more than I thought. I think making my website easy to read is also something that I can work on for the rest of the week.

I know I’m really late to this but oh well!
1. is one of my favorite comics, it’s definitely a big inspiration for what I’m going for in terms of storytelling format.
2. is another favorite! It’s got a lot of really interesting surrealism and I really love the way they format their text.
Both of these websites do a lot of super creative web design things that serve to tell the story. I can’t really think of a third one, but I think the main aspect that will differentiate my website is the fact that it’s a new story, and fans of these examples might be interested as well, who knows. I mostly just intend for my friends to give it a read. 🙂

This website has similar content to what I would want to have in mine. The author included mindfulness activities that she tends to do. Mine would differ because I have different techniques and I’d be specifically targeting college students. My website won’t be set up like this one. The author has it to where you scroll through it like an Instagram feed, without any separate tabs. I’d want to make my website more interactive.

I loved this website’s format! It has the tabs at the top and the title is bold and centered. Although I like that they used very bright colors, I don’t want to include too many bright colors on my website because I want to give off a calm and peaceful vibe rather than bright and colorful.

I loved the style of this website! It is very minimalistic, which is what I hope to make mine like. I like the fonts that were used as well as the neutral colors. The color scheme goes well with the topic. The only thing that I would change would be that there is little “flow” within the tab pages. They seem completely random and don’t really correlate to the previous tab. I want to make my website have more of a flow. You’d have to check out all the tabs to complete the story instead of random individual tabs.

My website will differ from this one because this one actually sells bullet journals, as well as teaches people how to bullet journal. My website will operate on the assumption that my audience already knows what bullet journaling is and it will instead rank different spreads on effectiveness.

This website has many free printables and things to make bullet journaling easier for those who are beginners. Mine is similar but I won’t provide printables. I will focus on my own experience with bullet journaling in the hopes that it helps someone who is in the same boat as myself.

This website is similar to the last few where it has blog-style posts teaching people the basics of bullet journaling. My website will also have blog-style posts, but instead of teaching people how to bullet journal, I’ll focus on ranking spreads.

My website will differ from this one because it will focus on cliff jumping spots only in Southern California, rather than the whole U.S. Mine will also include pictures for each location. My website will also not focus on the scariest jumps.

This website describes what makes each cliff jumping spot so thrilling. My website will give a brief description of each jumping location, but the focus is to make people comfortable if they have never been to a certain location. It will explain how to get there, what to bring, what to wear, etc.

My website will differ from this one because I will not include this countdown type style. I will simply lay out cliff jumping spots in Southern California, not necessarily by any rank. My website will also not include the history of each location.

My website will differ from this one as I will not include video demonstrations on any of the recipes I list. While I find them helpful, unfortunately I don’t have enough time to film and edit videos for each recipe.

I like the layout and aesthetic of this website, but as I was reading through the recipes, I noticed many of them lacked precise measurements of ingredients (e.g., “some” vegetable stock). In my website, I’ll try my best to include precise measurements so the recipes are easy to follow.

This website is similar to mine in regards to audience, however, it is different because it covers a much wider range of recipes. Mine will strictly be tofu-based.
This website is way broader than I intend to go for my website. I found that a lot of music discovery websites use complex coding and AI to generate playlists or recommendations based on personal tastes, which is great, but not really what I am going for with my site. With this website, it seemed as though the audience would have to have a clear idea of what they wanted to find when visiting and using the software, whereas with my website, I think it could be fun to allow viewers to have access to genres or playlists that are potentially new and different from what they are used to.
I think the idea behind this website is really cool, but again, pretty broad. What I like about it is the ability for people to put their playlists on the website and then the viewer to have access to a wide array of music to fit their mood. Though I don’t plan on making my website quite as complex, I think including the “mood” or emotional aspect of the music will be important to the creation of my website which is helpful to see. Again, though, because it is such a broad forum, I won’t be making anything on such a wide scale.
This website is super cool if you want a generated playlist based on music tastes, however, it again uses complex AI generators and whatnot, which I will not be using. The reason why I picked it is because it incorporates features like “mood,” “danceability,” “tempo,” “energy,” etc on scales to get a feel for what the listener wants. I think those will be important things to think about when curating a list of playlists and artists/songs for my website. The other downside to this website is that it is only available for Spotify listeners, and so the audience must sign in to get the playlist. It would be difficult for me to figure out how to do that, and I think it would be better to leave my site more open, so that people could apply the music they find to any music streaming platform.

Since I am still learning to navigate the journey of self-healing, I think my site will be different from the Empowered Self-Healing Blog because I will be discussing beginner steps people can gradually implement into their lives. I think this site also covers a broader arena of topics, so it can get a little overwhelming for people to be presented with so much information at once.

I think my site will differ from the Rich Psych self-healing blog because I will be including my own personal journey for readers to feel like they’re going through the process with someone and for them to feel validated in toxic thoughts they might have.

The author of The Blissful Mind divided her blog into the four categories of mindset, self-care, personal growth, and productivity, whereas my site is more focused on actions one can take to begin cultivating their self-healing, so it’s categorized into journaling, meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and my own personal journey. I think the division of categories is the main difference between our two sites, since our focus is slightly different, and therefore the direction in which we take our posts will also differ.
This sewing website differs from mine in that they are selling clothing and sewing items. They are also showing videos on how to sew patterns on clothing. My website will include step by step pictures on how to fix different parts of a specific item of clothing.
My website differs from them because this person only makes video tutorials on how to make different things like shirts, skirts, and masks.
My website will differ from this because they are making a step by step tutorials of how to make various items from scratch by sewing. I am simply showing how to fix ripped clothing with step by step pictures.
Instead of all of Oregon like this website, I will focus more on Central Oregon, in the Bend region.
My website will be less focused on the “best” trails but more on reviewing the trails I have done, the good and the bad.
This website will be pretty similar to mine, but mine will be focused more on my personal experiences and not the general, or most well-known ideas of the trails. It will be a mix of a blog and an information site.

Website #1:
This website provides minimal advice for each position and focuses mainly on different practice drills and how to set them up. Additionally, a large portion of their website centers around a “buying guide” where they recommend specific gear. According to their About Us section, their target audience is really anyone who has an interest in volleyball. My website targets experienced high-school-aged club players and so the content will be more player-oriented than coach-oriented and therefore will focus on how players can improve their game (both overall and in their specific positions).

Website #2:
This website is similar to mine in that it’s run by someone with several years of experience who wants to share their advice. However, she talks about both beach and indoor volleyball whereas I am only concentrating on indoor volleyball for my site. Also, most of the content is geared towards beginners and/or recreational players while I will be targeting experienced club players. There are several gear recommendation articles on this site as well and I will not be including those in mine.

Website #3:
The Art of Coaching Volleyball is an incredibly informative site with content similar to what I want to provide however it’s directed mainly towards coaches, with smaller sections geared towards players and parents. The information is given from top-level coaches to help other coaches, whereas I’ll directly target the players and not coaches. Additionally, most/all of their information is presented in video format whereas I plan on writing blog posts/articles and only using videos as add-ons when necessary.

Starbuck’s Secret Menu:
This website lists pre-made drinks created by fans with pictures of the drinks, the drink name and what they resemble. It includes a short paragraph about the flavor and how to ask for the drink. My site will differ from the one because I am creating a site about Dunkin’ drinks and not Starbuck, I plan on categorizing the lists based off of the flavors and seasons, and the drinks are not pre-made drinks. I plan to focus less on each individual drink and more on the flavors to create your own variety of drinks.

Dunkin’ Secret Menu:
This website, like the first one, lists different drink choices that are already made and have their own names. It includes a wide variety of flavors and seasonal drinks that are not always available at every Dunkin’. My website instead will have both flavors to customize drinks and pre-made drinks for a simpler order. I will not name the drinks because that would make it harder to order them, I will simply include the ingredients and how to ask for that exact drink. I will also include the measurements of each ingredient and how to change those to your own liking.

Best Dunkin’ Drinks:
This website is more of a blog with personal preferences and ratings or basic drinks. I plan to make my website more of a guide and less of a personal favorites list because my goal it help everyone find a drink they will like. I also plan to go more into depth about different blends and differences between coffee and espresso drinks. I also want to include videos that show how they are made instead of just photos of the drinks.

The Impulsive Buy is a great website for junk food and cheap snack/drink reviews. The target audience and mine overlap quite a bit, however, there is some difference in both the content and style of our two websites. My website will be focused solely on the review and location of drinks, ranging from low-end sodas to high quality bottled drinks. In addition, my sight will be more graphically exciting than ‘The Impulsive Buy,’ hopefully implementing interesting GIFs and formatting.

‘Junk Banter’ is similar to ‘The Impulsive Buy’ but with a little more going on in a graphics sense. The target audience may be similar to mine, but I’m focusing more on reaching road-trippers and drink enthusiasts rather than the broader junk food lovers. There is no mention of higher-quality foods or beverages in this blog, while my site will cover a range of beverages and omit any mention of food.

‘The Junk Food Aisle’ truly succeeds in interesting UX design as the site’s review of food and beverages is laid out like a grocery store shelf. Furthermore, the drink section of the website is extensive and simple to use. My site will differ by, again, including no mention of food. Furthermore, I will go more into depth with my review than ‘The Junk Food Aisle’ does, aiming for about a paragraph of bullet points and info rather than a simple 5-star review system. While they include both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ drinks, I will only include my personal favorites.

The first two websites are focused on college cooking and primarily target college students. Most of the recipes on those websites are cheap and easy to make, but neither of these cooking blogs focuses specifically on cheap and easy fusion dishes that college students could make, which is what I would be focusing on. I couldn’t really find a cooking blog dedicated solely to fusion dishes, but the closest one I could find was the last website link. This cooking blog only had very few fusion dishes, all of which took a lot of time to cook and had expensive ingredients. I plan for my website to focus only on fast, cheap, and easy ways to tweak recipes and create fusion dishes.

Website #1:
This is the website that I consider wool be the mist similar to what I would like to design. The page is interactive and has many images, making it easy to be engaged in its content. It also provides scientific data with graphic visuals which make data easier to interpret. Yet, apart from scientific data in numbers and explanations of the theory behind this subject, I would like to include personal experiences of people who have gone through psychedelic psychotherapy.

Website 2:
This website is helpful to me in that it provides raw scientific data for the website I want to create. Nevertheless, I would like the design of my website to be much more user friendly and visually captivating. I will add images and interactive features if that is possible.

Website 3:
This website is kind of in between website 1 and 2 regarding its “attractiveness”. It has headers, bullet points, and doesn’t have too much scientific vocabulary to bore or confuse an audience. Yet, it is still far from what I would like my website to look like. I will add

Three websites that have a same / similar topic to mine in terms of content and target audience include:

1) — This website includes a whole course ( specifically for English learners who want to improve their skills for business video calls. While my target audience is not business workers, I am inspired by this idea and I hope to transfer it to my target audience: college students. I am hoping to create a specific course or series for college students, including grammar, vocabulary, and colloquialisms that are relevant for intermediate English learners who are in that demographic.

2) — This website includes a course specifically for lower-intermediate English learners ( This is helpful since my target audience is all intermediate learners. I was also inspired by the format of this website, in which they have a series of sessions, advancing from simple lessons to more difficult ones; additionally, they use the information from previous sessions in future ones to make sure that readers are more exposed to what they have learned. I will differ slightly from the format of this website, as rather than lessons (on grammar, culture, etc.), I will have stories, and relevant grammar/culture/vocabulary will be provided on those corresponding pages.

3) — This website includes specific pages for speaking ( and also grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, etc. Because the focus of my website will be on speaking, this website is helpful to see how they format it and how they teach learners to speak better without actually hearing them. This website has a very broad audience, however, as it offers English courses and assistance from beginner to advanced learners; my website, on the other hand, will focus solely on intermediate learners, particularly those in college and other young adults.

Thank you for reading my post! I appreciate any feedback you may have!

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