Course Description

Writing 105M focuses on the strategies, processes, and theories of effective multimedia communication. We study writing in the context of digital technologies that enable combinations of different media–for instance, images, audio, video, and/or interactivity used alongside alphanumeric text to convey a message. Projects in the course involve analyzing, creating, and reflecting on new ways of communicating that include multiple modes. We examine digital rhetoric and the opportunities and constraints that digital technologies offer as we experiment with multimedia compositions.

The schedule, projects, and resources for the class are all available at https://sorapure.net/105m. The website will be updated throughout the quarter.


  • Website Proposal (10%)
  • Style Guide (35%)
  • Website Outline (10%)
  • Website (35%)
  • Exercises & Participation (10%)

Important Information

  • My email is sorapure@ucsb.edu.
  • Our class meets on MW from 2:00-3:15 in SSMS 1007.
  • My office hours (for now) are Mondays from 12:00-2:00 via Zoom. However, I’m on available at many other times, in person or via Zoom. So if you can’t meet during my office hours feel free to email me to set up a time to meet.
  • Because much of the work of the course will be done during class time, your attendance and participation are very important.
  • You are allowed two absences altogether. I don’t differentiate between excused and unexcused absences. If you are absent from class more than twice, your final grade will be lowered by one grade for each absence (e.g., if you are absent three times, an A becomes an A-; if you are absent four times, an A becomes a B+).
  • If you arrive late to class, I count that as half an absence.
  • Remember that even if you are absent you are responsible for any work that is done during class and for any assignments that are given or are due during class. Send me an email or meet me during my office hours to find out what you missed.
  • If you plagiarize on any of the assignments you will fail the class and will be subject to disciplinary action by the university.

Campus Resources

Also, I am always available to help via email, during my office hours, or by appointment. I’ve been teaching at UCSB since the beginning of time, so I can probably point you in the right direction if you have a question or a problem.

If you need special course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please get in touch after the first or second class session and we’ll set that up.

And finally, if there’s a resource you need for the course but can’t afford, get in touch and I’ll figure out a way to help.

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