Look around you and choose an object that’s been designed–for instance, an item of clothing you’re wearing, the thermos or coffee cup that you’re drinking from, your keychain, etc. Try not to choose anything too complicated. Then write a paragraph on what you think is well designed and/or poorly designed in this object. How does the design enhance or detract from the object’s functionality and appeal?

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  1. I chose the really cheap, small shelf hanging next to my bed that was the first furniture item I have ever bought. I like the simplicity of the design. It mixes only two textures: wood and dull black metal wires. The wood serves as the base of the shelf where the objects are meant to rest, and the wires intertwine in the back with a mostly grid pattern. The middle row of the wire grid pattern deviates from the rest of the shelf as the grid is filled with diagonal lines facing opposite directions creating triangle shapes. I love this design because it manages to make something pleasing to the eye by contrasting two materials (wood and wire) and by only slightly alternating the all too familiar grid pattern. I think this adds to the object’s appeal as a shelf because it is simple enough to not detract from objects placed upon it, but it is also visually enticing enough to stand on its own. I think adding the two materials enhanced the shelf functionality as it is better to have wood as a sturdy foundation for a shelf, and wire as supplemental support. The only part of this shelf that I think is poorly designed is the little black nail hole supplements at the top, which take away from the shelf’s feel of effortlessness and simplicity. They look like afterthoughts: a necessary part of a shelf’s functionality that was not considered in the design and thus tacked on at the end. To fix this, I would have at least made the nail support with the same material of the wire, and not have it filled in so that it would better fit the grid aesthetic.

  2. I chose the headlamp beanie that my nana gave me for Christmas. While she is known for strange gifts, this one really stood out because she gave all five of my cousins the same minion-like hat. The beanie is black with a large, square light that covers the center of your forehead. The light has three settings: bright, extra bright, and strobe. In terms of functionality, this item excels. The light is easy to use with the press of a finger, and can be useful in a large variety of situations ranging from walking your dog at night to rummaging through an attic. The material is also a very sturdy yet soft cotton, making it perfect for outdoor use and cold weather. The one issue I have with this beanie is that it is, quite frankly, ugly. While I am sure that the designer did not intend for this hat to be a fashion statement, I think that more thought could have been placed into making it appropriate for everyday wear. Since the light is rather bulky and can still be seen if you flip the beanie inside out, there is no way to wear it as a normal, black beanie. If I walked to class on an average day, chances are that most people would wonder why I am wearing a headlamp in broad daylight.

  3. I chose the pajama pants that I recently bought for myself. I initially became convinced to purchase these pants when I saw my friend wearing them and was attracted to the color and pattern. The pants are a dark navy blue with small orange flowers printed on them. What I really like about the design is that it is simple so it is able to match with many items of clothing, yet it also has a pop of color and are unique with the orange flowers so they are different from other pants that I already own. Aside from the color and print, the pants are of a ribbed material and have an elastic waistband and elastic openings at the ankles. They are made of a very thin material which makes them feel very soft and light when worn. I really like the elastic waistband and tighter ankle openings as this feature makes the pants still look presentable enough to wear in public. The design of the pants enhances its functionality and makes it very versatile as they are soft and comfortable enough to wear as pajamas but also stylish enough to appropriately wear them out, such as to class or to the store.

    1. The item that I have chosen to discuss is my tea “mug”. It is not a typical “mug”, as it shaped just like like a tall glass, but is made of clay and meant for hot beverages. It is handmade, with slight ridges at the top fading into a smoother but still imperfect texture at the bottom. I had never given this aspect of the mug much thought, but reflecting on it now, I do find its texture very pleasing and feel that it does add to the “experience” of holding the mug. The outside of the mug is painted a light blue which one can tell is made up of different colors as certain spots are slightly different hues. The inside of the cup is glazed a soft cream color with washes of turquoise.

      I really like this cup. I find it a perfect size for my servings of tea. I like how heavy and sturdy it is- it is much heaver than a typical mug. It fits well in my hand. I enjoy its texture and colors. I can tell that this cup was designed for more than just functionality, as it is also quite beautiful, though I admit I never really noticed that before taking the time to for this response.

  4. My phone case is something that was designed with a very specific audience in mind- iPhone users, and for a very specific purpose – to protect and accessorize the phone. It is a well designed product, as it is protective as resists damage to the phone if it is dropped. I also think that the design compliments my personality – it is very simple and is a cream background with my name written on it in bold black letters. Obviously, this was a customizable phone case, but the design itself nonetheless caught my eye – all I changed was the name! The design of the case enhances it’s appeal. On the website, there are many phone cases that are structurally the same, but have hundreds of different designs. This one appealed to me because of the colors, the font, and the ability to customize it. I like the look a phone case with my name on it because it feels very personal, while at the same time being very functional – if I were to lose the phone, someone might be able to return it to me because it has my name on it. The only poor part of the design is the discoloration of the sides of the cream case. Naturally, the oils and dirt from my hands transfer onto the sides of the phone case and change the light cream color to be a bit darker. However, I do still like the light cream color and would prefer it over any other color, so I chose this one despite the online warning that it may change colors slightly overtime.

  5. Just a quick note to say that I’m enjoying reading these responses! I was thinking that it would be helpful if people could upload a photo, though I don’t think WordPress (the platform I’m using for this website) allows that. But actually, it’s really nice to read the detailed descriptions that you’re providing. This is becoming something like an exercise in descriptive writing as well as design assessment.

  6. Also I hope you don’t mind the little monster icons that are attached to your name. They’re assigned randomly, though somehow the one I got seems to have the appropriate hair. 😉

  7. I decided to analyze my La Croix Hibiscus sparkling water can. First, this product catches your eye right away by the color choice and design. The colors on the can include a bubble gum pink, yellow, white, red, and green. A large yellow hibiscus flower is right next the logo “La Croix”. I think the choosing these colors was strategic in that if you hadn’t read the label, you know you are about to drink something fruity and refreshing with the bold pink. The colors are all in a rainbow form, and swirl all the way around the can in uniform. The typography of the brand stays the same throughout every can. La Croix’s are sparkling flavored water, and the typography really accentuates “flowy, oasis, vacation,” etc. Each line of the can has a different typography; the brand, the flavor, and the nutrition facts. I think this works well however, because each line stands out, and its easy to read. The design appeal for this drink is really stands out when you look at it on the shelves. It stays consistent throughout with the color palette and design elements, and matches the “hibiscus” flavor well. With the functionality of the drink, it is a standard 12 ounce soda can with a “pop top”. I would say this is very practical and user friendly.

  8. For my item, I chose my computer monitor. This monitor screen is frameless with a rectangular base and is supported by an adjustable stand. It also features downwards facing cable ports behind the screen. I believe that this is a well designed product due to its functionality and user-friendly design. The stand allows for the monitor’s tilt, rotation, and height to be adjusted to the user’s liking and preferences. The stand is also easily detachable, allowing for the monitor to be mounted on a wall. Its rectangular base limits the desk space corruption compared to round bases as users can easily use it as an elevated portion of the desk. Its downwards facing cable ports behind the screen provides easy cable management for the users as well. These features add functionality to the product and its sleek, easy-to-use design definitely makes it appealing to consumers.

  9. I chose my CeraVe moisturizer (pictured here for reference I think the simple, yet informative, design is effective for a skincare product. First, the layout and typography of the design present the product information clearly. The design uses font size, boldness, and visual hierarchy to present the most to least important information. For example, the logo has a large font size and is placed at the top of the bottle, which allows for fast and easy brand recognition. A general description of the product is in a smaller size, but bolded font in the middle of the bottle with a more specific description of the ingredients below in a thinner font. This design layout is effective because it clearly communicates to the consumer the purpose and benefits of the product. The simple blue and white color scheme is also an effective design choice because the color blue evokes feelings of calmness or serenity, which is often something people want from a skincare product. Lastly, all of CeraVe’s products follow a similar design with the colors, font, and layout. This is effective for their products because it allows for brand recognition and overall consistency across the brand.

  10. The first thing that came to mind was my new water bottle that I take everywhere with me! It’s a glass bottle that is about 8 inches tall, give or take, and about two inches wide. The bottle has a rubber casing around two thirds of the bottle (only the top inch and a half or so is uncovered) and is a light turquoise color. The cap is plastic made to look like wood and has a rubber seal on the inside to prevent any leaks. The glass is beautifully curved from the mouth of the bottle and curves slightly in where the rubber ends, to ensure that the holder feels no physical difference in terms of circumference from the top to the middle. In addition, it helps the bottle to look more aesthetically pleasing and cohesive – it is one of the first things I noticed about it! On the side is the brand, Soma, in capital letters each encircled by a sunken circle to make the letters more visible. The font is a thin sans-serif and is delicate and present without getting lost or being too overwhelming. Overall, I would say it is excellent in terms of aesthetic design qualities. I love the way it looks and feels in my hand and I honestly think I drink more water as a result. The design aspect that detracts from it is the fact that the rubber and the glass doesn’t keep water well insulated. So, if I put cold water in, normally about an hour later it has warmed up significantly compared to my hydroflask. In addition, I can be a bit clumsy at times, so I do worry about shattering it one day, but, on the other hand, the glass is thicker overall, so I fell like it is probably more durable than it looks. I think it is overall a very appealing object and is one that immediately caught my eye when I was at the store which I figure is a goal of the company. – for reference!

  11. The item i chose is my backpack from the brand Fjallraven Kanken in the color black. This backpack has a simple design with a small front pocket with a zipper and a large main compartment with a side pocket on each side. The minimal design style with only the logo of the brand on the front creates a timeless piece that consumers can enjoy for years without feeling overwhelmed by the look of the bag. The logo is also placed in a spot where consumers can easily show support for the brand and those around them don’t have trouble figuring out where the backpack is from if they find themselves interested in it. Because these backpacks come in a variety of colors, consumers feel that they are not limited with the color of backpack they wish to have. I personally chose the black backpack because I felt that having a simple color would compliment whatever I was wearing when using the backpack and it gives me the opportunity to add things such as keychains and pins without feeling as though the colors would clash. It also is the perfect size to fit an average sized laptop which makes it perfect for students and workers that need to bring their devices wherever they go. The small zipped front pocket is perfect for securing items that you need easy access to. One of the main concerns I have with the design of this backpack is that the shoulder straps are not as thick/sturdy as other average school backpacks which can lead to shoulder pain if you are wearing it for a long time and have a lot of things inside the backpack. But overall I found that the simple design of the backpack and functionality of it for everyday use is what drew me to purchase it.

  12. The item I have decided to analyze is my Hydroflask water bottle. I think it is very well designed, so much so that I am very loyal to the brand because of my fondness of its aesthetic. Last quarter, I lost the Hydroflask that I’ve had for 3 years and, to be honest, was excited to order a new one. Hydroflask offers a lot of satisfying color options. I chose the color “Fog” which is a very muted lilac. I also have a matching cover for the bottom of the bottle so it does not get dented. Their logo conveys the playful, active brand identity. I have found that consumers like the display of the logo as these water bottles are relatively expensive so it serves as a bit of a statement. One thing I would change would be the color of the lid. It is black, which I think harshly contrasts with the muted “Fog” color and the white logo. However, Hydroflask offers a custom feature on their website where consumers can select the color of each element, including the lid, so perhaps I will do that the next time I purchase one. The wide range of color options and the excellent functionality of the water bottle makes it very appealing for consumers. They can choose from a range of colors that aligns with their personal identity and Hydroflasks do an excellent job of keeping drinks very cold, even offering specific products for hot drinks. The design works very well with the functionality. It holds 32 ounces of liquid and features a lid with a straw, well-made for drinking water. The outer appearance that I focused my analysis on does not hinder the water bottle’s functionality!

  13. I chose to analyze a ceramic bus pipe, which can be used for tobacco or marijuana. I chose to analyze this item because while it is beautifully designed, it is not the most functional. This ceramic piece is designed like a small vintage VW bus. It is baby blue with flowers on the sides and around the size of my palm. It has a pipe and bowl on the top of the bus to smoke with. The thing that drew me to this item initially was its unique and beautiful design. I had never seen anything like it and wanted it more for it’s beauty than anything. Additionally, I was intrigued to see how effectively it would work. Turns out that this objects aesthetic design takes away a bit from its functionality. Smoke travels into the body of the bus, where it is hard to clear just in one go. It’s almost too big to enjoy. Additionally, the hole for the pipe area isn’t very well carved out. I get the sense that this piece was definitely designed more for aesthetic purposes than functionality. While this isn’t always a negative thing to me, someone else might be disappointed. Personally though, I’m very happy to own this simply for it’s design.

    Link to my object:

  14. The item I chose to analyze is the Bytech Multicolor Vlog Kit that was gifted to me this Christmas. The kit comes with a ring light, phone holder, and remote control to control the light. It’s meant for creating videos with customizable and high-quality lighting (but I’ve found it more useful for Zoom meetings). The phone holder and light are each connected by a flexible gooseneck arm to a large clamp that can be attached to the edge of a table. A cable with a remote control and plug extends from inside the clamp and has a length of 120 centimeters. The most interesting feature of this object is the adjustable light settings, which can be controlled using three buttons on the remote control: an on/off button, a “C/W” button, and an “RGB” button. After pressing “on,” the user can press “C/W” to turn on a white light or “RGB” to click through several color patterns. The overall design is easy to use given its simplicity, but I personally found “C/W” to be confusing because I thought it stood for “cold/warm” white light, despite only having one white light setting. Additionally, while the multiple color patterns are fun to click through, it can get frustrating to have to click through 40 different settings to find the one you want. In terms of functionality, the solid colors may be helpful when creating videos, but the pulse, two-tone, colorful, strobe, chase, and quarter settings do not seem to serve a clear purpose and may be more for the appeal. The last critique I would have for this product is that the clamp limits where the light can be used—users need to have an edge that fits in the clamp, whether it be a desk, bed frame, etc. To use it in any other setting, the user would need to hold the light itself. Despite this, I have still found the light to be very useful during Zoom meetings and would recommend it because of its reasonable price.

  15. I recently decided to purchase a pair of Free People booties after staring at their photo on my camera roll for somewhere near 6 months, waiting until I could justify spending money on an unnecessary addition to my closet. It was love at first sight when I first discovered these shoes, a pair of black and tan Chelsea boots with a platform sole and high heel. The exterior design of the shoe is gorgeous, crafted out of white leather with contrasting black detailing and a chunky rubber heal. While out of my normal price range, I figured they’d be long-lasting and perfect for the upcoming winter months. I was very excited to break out the shoes for the first time, and assumed they would be comfortable despite the heel, as a platform sole usually takes some of the height off and makes walking easier. However, upon attempting to wear the shoes for a few hours, they revealed themselves to be incredibly hard to walk in and uncomfortable. While the outside of the shoe has a great aesthetic, the inside has very little arch support despite the shoe’s height and no cushiony insole, making each step feel like you’re dragging along a heavy block of wood. It’s hard to bend your knees and pick them up with you, more reminiscent of walking on stilts than in boots. I found myself unzipping the shoes immediately upon returning to the car, as clearly the interior design is not well accommodated for comfort, though the exterior design would have you think so. While I’ll keep the shoes, unfortunately their design is more for show than function and I’ll be mindful not to wear them during any walk-intensive outings.
    boots for reference:

  16. During Christmas, I got these green tea infused mints from Trader Joe’s and I would have one after almost every meal. I really like Trader Joe’s products. Being a foodie myself, they have some really good food products that I really enjoy and I’ll always buy when I can. The green tea infused mints come in a tin box (small box made of metal) and contains lots of small green tea infused mints. The design of the box is really nice in terms of color scheme. I don’t have much issues with the product itself or the design. However, it can be hard to open the product at first when you first purchase it because it is taped shut and it’s taped all around the box which makes it hard to just open so you have to create small cuts which can damage the tin box. Also, the flavor may not be everyone. Not everyone may like green tea with mint. Personally, I love matcha and I’m a big fan of green tea so this product is great for me. If you really like green tea, I definitely recommend this product.

  17. Link to an image of my object:
    Recently, my mom was gifted a glass straw with a figurine of her college’s mascot attached to it. It is a thick, beautiful glass straw and the animal on it, an axolotl, is infused with pink and white colors that catch the eye. I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into binding the figurine to the straw and incorporating drops of color, but in terms of functionality, its fragility has proven to be a problem. The website where it is sold states that the straw is dishwasher safe and although it is glass, it is a special type of glass that is characteristically durable. However, when I opted to use the straw in my morning coffee, a simple stir to mix my creamer into my cold brew was too tall a task for the glass straw. After a run-in with a few pieces of ice, the joint where the axolotl was attached to the straw snapped off, removing the axolotl along with about one inch or so of the straw. The straw did not shatter but the point where it broke was sharp and not safe to use. I loved the look of the straw and appreciated its sustainability, but after that experience, I think I will stick to plain old metal reusable straws.

  18. The item I chose to analyze is a pair of shoes I recently purchased: Nike Air Force 1 Shadow. Instead of purchasing Nike Air Force 1, I wanted a pair with a slightly different style. The exterior is primarily made of leather and rubber. The color I chose is white, which happens to be the most popular. These pair of shoes is different from the original style because it is slightly platform and there is an extra piece of material toward the top of the shoe. Another thing that makes them stand out is how “air” is written twice on the shoe toward the back. One of them is more subtle, but the other one stands out because it is in a rectangle. The design of this shoe entices consumers based on the variety of colors, comfort, and style. The exterior design of the shoe is a sleek look while also encompassing the interior design. The interior design is also extremely well made because they could be worn for hours and your feet will not hurt. These shoes are both stylish and functional.

    For reference:

  19. I’m a huge fan of functional design and one staple item in my daily life is my reusable cup, the kind with a straw. Though it is made of plastic and can’t maintain the temperature of the water I’m drinking, I personally find the design of all reusable cups with straws and a lid to be extremely simple, yet well designed. The cup part is pretty straightforward and is the shape of any other cup, but what stands out are the little details. The straw has an extra ring of plastic on one end so that it won’t be able to slide out of the hole in the lid unless the entire lid is removed. However, the straw hole in the lid isn’t restricting to the point that the straw can’t be moved around. Although this does mean that water can leak out if the cup is turned upside down, I appreciate this design because it anticipates the user’s (my) pain points. Additionally, there is a rubber ring that fits easily into the screw-on lid to prevent any leakage, but it can also be easily removed in order to thoroughly wash the cup. The overall design of what are essentially elevated sippy cups is very functionally appealing to me because of the convenience of the straw. I don’t need to remove a cap and tilt my head back to get a drink of water, which encourages me to stay hydrated.

  20. The object I chose to analyze is my clear Peanuts-themed AirPod pro case. The AirPod case is a 2-piece clear plastic shell with colorful Peanuts-themed sticker designs. The stickers include differently-sized illustrations of Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, and smiley faces that utilize pops of red, peach, black, and yellow. I love the contrast between the opaque, brightly colored sticker designs and the clear plastic shell. It almost gives off the illusion that the stickers are directly on the AirPods. But I have to admit that the hard plastic material somewhat detracts from the case’s primary purpose to protect the AirPods. Compared to silicone cases that provide cushion upon impact and have good grip, this plastic case is quite slippery. This case also tends to pop off when dropped. But that doesn’t happen too often and the case does do a great job of protecting against scratches. Its unique design also helps me easily locate it and differentiate it from others. With all that considered, it’s evident that this case was designed primarily for aesthetic appeal, not for protective functionality. But the cute design was what ultimately had me sold, and I think the use of a foggier silicone material would’ve diminished its charming design.

  21. Due to the fact that I am currently skiing in Utah, I am surrounded by nothing but snow gear. Through a lot of wardrobe trial and error, I have come to learn which articles of clothing actually work in the snow and which ones do not. Today, I will be examining my winter jacket from Old Navy.

    Visually, this jacket looks like the perfect winter cocoon. Its design is (seemingly) waterproof on the outside and is lined with a sweatshirt material on the inside. I was led to believe that this jacket would provide me with all of the warmth and protection that I needed from the elements. But alas, that was not the case.

    Functionally, this jacket has a few flaws. Firstly, I had to learn the hard way that the jacket is not in fact waterproof and the warm sweatshirt lining is not-so-warm when it is soaking wet. In addition, the pockets have no way of closing (no zippers or buttons) so there is no way to hold my ski pass or any other cards while I am snowboarding. Lastly, the poor design choice of not including a hood also proved itself to be detrimental to my warmth on the mountains.

    The design of this jacket detracts from the object’s functionality and appeal because it lacks many basic aspects that make life in the snow much easier. While the jacket was designed well visually and provides me with warmth if I am just going out for a stroll, it is designed poorly based on its functionality and therefore it is less appealing to me as a product.

  22. The item I chose to analyze for this discussion is my Lululemon yoga mat. At the start of the pandemic when all everyone did was stay home, I created a routine for myself that with working out and stretching in the morning, which helped both my mental and physical health. With a mat so engrained in my everyday routine, I decided to invest in a nicer, thicker mat by Lululemon as a gift to myself. At first I really enjoyed the quality of the mat. Moving back to Isla Vista is when I recognized a few things that were poorly designed. First, being thicker of course made the mat heavier. But most of all (and I realize this goes for every yoga mat) is how dirty my mat would become when rolling it up after my workouts. The side that was touching the ground was now rolling in and onto the side that was facing up. I’ve been trying to think of a better alternative to this but perhaps that’s why yoga mat cleanser was invented.

  23. My chosen item is a cocktail glass. The glass has a wide bottom and long stem similar to a wine glass, but the bowl of the glass is a coupe. It is shallow but wide, and etched with frosted glass flowers. The base of the glass is functional as it is wide, unlike some champagne flutes that have smaller bases, and helps it stand sturdily. This is important for functionality as it does not topple over when full. The stem is aesthetically attractive and wide enough to be functional to comfortable hold in your hand while you are drinking, as opposed to a thin-stemmed glass. The design of the coupe itself detracts from the glass’ functionality, because it is difficult not to spill a drink while you are holding it or moving as the coupe is so shallow. Due to the shallowness, it is also not as easy to sip from the coupe and one must be steady when drinking. The etched flowers serve an aesthetic purpose and when holding the glass in the sun, it provides a lovely light beam and shadow of the flowered pattern. This aspect does not impact functionality, but it does serve the purpose of enticing those who want to evoke a certain style or class when drinking a cocktail. I think overall this glass is moderately functional but would benefit from having a deeper coupe to sip out of since I often spill when using it!

  24. I chose a West Elm candle that I keep on my desk. Visually, it’s fairly large, about six inches in diameter and five inches tall. Made of ceramic and glazed with a blush pink finish, it matches other blush pink decorations in my room and goes well with my white furniture. The circular candle is fluted, with small vertical ridges all around it that end about one inch from the bottom. This design provides texture and intrigue compared to my other candles that are just plain on the outside.

    It’s also very pleasing to touch and hold as it is smoothly glazed but textured enough to run one’s fingers along the fluting. I really enjoy the fluting; I tend to choose more simplistic decor, but I often end up with items that are too plain. This candle works well to add some flourish without taking too much attention. It smells clean and fresh with floral hints; this is my preferred scent family as it relaxes me and adds a pleasing atmosphere to my room.

    While I like the overall design of the candle, the wicks themselves and their placement are poorly designed. The wicks are thick and often pop when burning, spraying black ash all over the inside of the candle. In addition, their placement–too close to one another–leads to uneven melting of the candle wax. While some might not be bothered by this, it is very frustrating for me as I like my candles to remain clean, pristine, and even. Like myself, one wouldn’t know this until using it after purchase, but I do not regret my purchase as it is still visually appealing from the outside.

  25. The object I chose to analyze is a 3D magnet I just recently purchased in Las Vegas. The magnet looks and feels exactly like a physical and edible doughnut. I bought this product because it caught my eye and its unique. I think that the physical look and texture of the magnet is very well designed. There is a chocolate like icing layered with scattered colored plastic sprinkles on top of a squishy tan doughnut like base that has a hole in the middle. This makeshift doughnut looks and feels very realistic. Connected to the bottom of the base is a circular magnet that is only visible when the object is flipped over. The magnet itself is also well designed. It is well connected to the object and sticks very well to my fridge. This object has no functionality, it serves to be a decoration. The design of this magnet enhances the object’s appeal by being so unusual and unique.

  26. I will admit as a generally reluctant reader, that any book I pick up for entertainment is usually in my opinion, pretty well designed. I’m on my second book by Melissa Broder and her narrative voice quite literally sounds like someone stole my own thoughts and presented them back to me in a velvet-finish paperback. Any brand printing with a soft-touch finish knows what they’re doing. And if you’re like me, swayed by packaging that incorporates the aesthetics of gentrified spaces and “high-endness”, then you pick up velvet finish covers more than any other book at Barnes and Noble. Clearly, the book sitting on my bedside table, Milk Fed, succeeded tremendously in this regard. The finish, along with its bold stated color palette render the object a typographic poster that merely lives on my table and not on my wall. The visual design of the book enticed me to buy it because I knew that even if I got bored of the plot-line, I would still be left with a new piece of room decor.
    The user experience of the novel was also well considered. The book is composed of nearly 80 chapters, all of which are only 3-5 pages long. I’m a slow reader, so experiencing a rapid advancement through chapters within a 20 minute period provides me with the positive reinforcement I need to continue reading. This designed element provides quite the illusion because I feel as though I am the speedy and proficient bookworm my parents always wanted me to be, even if my reading pace never truly shifted. I think, “wow I must really get lost in this book because look how quickly I’m burning through it. It’s rare that I find a book with that effect, I think I’ll keep on reading.”

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