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design resources

design principles

books on design

Brand Style Guide Overview

BSG examples to use in your analysis

how to create a BSG

BSG examples

other student examples

Jade Burchett, Stephanie Foster, Kai Oda, Emily Nguyen, Melody Li, Naomi Blik, Vianna Mabanag, Esther Liu

flipbook apps for PDFs

The free versions all have ads or other limitations. Another option is to send me the PDF and I can use a WordPress plugin to create a flipbook at the class website.

required reading

additional awesome logo resources

bsg logo pages by former students

helpful logo tools

typography resources

required reading

additional awesome typography resources

finding perfect typeface pairs

choosing the body font

type anatomy

free fonts

  • Google Fonts
    • for logo fonts, you should probably choose the “Display” and “Handwriting” categories
    • type your initials and adjust the size for one font, and then choose “Apply to all fonts”
    • to read more about a font, choose “See specimen”
    • to download a font, click on the plus sign in the top right corner, click on “Family selected” at the bottom of the screen, and then click on the download icon in the top right corner
  • Adobe Fonts
  • Dafont
  • Font Space
  • Urban Font
  • Font Squirrel
  • free fonts that Matthew Butterick likes

fonts you have to pay for

color resources

Photoshop/Photopea tutorials

Fun (?) with Photoshop


moodboard templates and tutorials


business card design

brand book templates

on writing

Adobe resources

Illustrator help

Photoshop help

InDesign help

collaboration resources

setting up for Writing 155b

Reclaim Hosting

FTP programs

text editors