for the Professional Website project

text editors

FTP programs

How this stuff works

HTML tutorials


HTML/CSS templates — no Wix, no SquareSpace!!

  • bodo – the template we’ll be looking at in class



student websites from previous minor classes



web building resources


  • CSS icons at
  • Glyphter: a tool to generate and download your own free icon font and more free icon fonts
    • Note: can’t get these to work with the Bodo template (4/2017)
  • Futuracha: not a web font, but you can’t *not* want this font–it’s fabulous

favicon resources

tiling background images

Lorem Ipsum text generator

Lightbox & Fancybox

design & coding inspiration & discussion

browser coding help

  • a video explaining Chrome’s Inspect Element tool
  • Firebug: an add-on for Firefox
  • In Safari, Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop Menu in menu bar

WordPress resources

other WordPress resources

website analytics

website usability

contact form

contact_form for HTML/CSS templates

for the Multimedia Project

student projects

jQuery apps

other ideas & tools

for the Print Portfolio

  • Scribus: a free, open-source Indesign alternative
  • GIMP: a free, open-source Photoshop alternative
  • Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo: relatively inexpensive Illustrator and Photoshop alternatives for Macs and soon Windows

InDesign book & brochure templates

InDesign tutorials

Photoshop mockup templates

Amazing interactive mockup (thanks Sonia and Joseph!): 

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