for the Print Portfolio

  • Scribus: a free, open-source Indesign alternative
  • GIMP: a free, open-source Photoshop alternative
  • Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo: relatively inexpensive Illustrator and Photoshop alternatives for Macs and soon Windows

Design and page layout advice

InDesign book & brochure templates

InDesign tutorials

Photoshop mockup templates


for the Professional Website project

WordPress resources

other WordPress resources

website usability

 website accessibility


text editors


FTP programs

How this stuff works

HTML tutorials


HTML/CSS templates — no Wix, no SquareSpace!!

  • bodo – the template we’ll be looking at in class



student websites from previous minor classes



web building resources


icon resources

Other ways to generate icons:

  • CSS icons at
  • Glyphter: a tool to generate and download your own free icon font

favicon resources

tiling background images

Lightbox & Fancybox

design & coding inspiration & discussion

website analytics

contact form

contact_form for HTML/CSS templates


for the Multimedia Project

student projects

we’re going to do all of these, for fun

  • create deepart: browse “latest artwork” for ideas and then create your own (using both your own photo and your own style); upload it and send me the URL
  • Textify a photo
  • create your own JuxtaposeJS; embed it on a webpage and send me the URL
  • on a new html page, create your own Hover Slider (examples: Rachelle AvilaKailey Erlich); send me the URL

a little bit of coding

from Knightlab

more design

other ideas and tools

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