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FTP program:Cyberduck

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options are presented more or less in order of technical difficulty and complexity

Multimedia Communication website




ESRI Storymaps

Knightlab: a suite of open source tools for digital storytelling; developed for journalists and media makers, but easy to use and engaging for novice users

  • Timeline JS: present a story that occurs over time
    • can include text, image, and video to present and analyze an event
    • also great for an interactive resume
  • Soundcite: add soundclips to text
    • here’s a soundclip you can use: (just paste this where Soundcite prompts you for an audio URL)
    • works best with WordPress; in other words, create the soundclips in Soundcite and attach them to text that you publish with WordPress
  • Storyline: attach annotations to a basic line chart to tell the story behind the numbers (still in beta but works fine)
    • here’s my example with numbers from the Professional Writing Minor

HTML/CSS/JavaScript packages