AS Media Workshop

Next up in the AS Media Center Workshop Wednesdays series: “Audio Storytelling & Interviewing Tips for Content Creators” with Lisa Osborn. April 28, 3 to 4 pm. Zoom link: Learn how to capture compelling audio for podcast, travel reel, video resumé, and other mixed media productions. Students, staff, and faculty welcome. Also, check out the attached full spring quarter program flyer.

WordPress Workshop

First up in our AS Media Center Workshop Wednesdays lineup: WordPress Overview with JudyAnn Dutcher, April 21, 3 to 4 p.m., Zoom link: . Come learn WordPress tips and tricks for making your website great. This workshop will include discussion of digital image resources and copyright considerations. Students, staff, and faculty encouraged to attend. Check out the Media Center website for more info and the Learning Center tab that’s your gateway to a whole host of online media skills building resources: