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Color Theory & Examples


  • Adobe Color CC: by Adobe, you can explore and create color themes/palettes and easily import them into Illustrator; generate a color palette from an image
  • generate a color palette, adjust the colors, extract colors from images, and other goodies
  • Material Palette: choose two colors and get an eight-color palette that you can download
  • Perfect Color,” by Before & After
  • Hail Pixel by Colordot: a great way to see colors and get hex codes
  • 0 to 255, to find lighter and darker hues of a color
  • Multicolr Search Lab (by TinEye): choose colors (up to five) and TinEye will return images with those colors
  • Pantone Color of the Year: the annual zeitgeist, rendered in color
  • Color-Hex: get RGB, CMYK, and other color attributes for every hex code


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